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Our 5 Favorite OSU Watering Holes

Ohio State students are no strangers to nightlife, and within walking distance of OSU off-campus housing are unique bars and restaurants to visit after a long day of classes or for a night out on the town. Read on to find out our five favorite bars near Ohio State University!

5) Oldfield’s North Fourth Tavern

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The Top 5 Bars To Be A Regular At If You Attend Cornell

In the last five years, students in Ithaca have mourned the loss of more than a few tried and true Collegetown hangouts; Dunbar’s, Chapter House, and Pixel to name a few. With their brethren dropping like flies, a few local establishments have managed to weather the tests of time and stay afloat while the rest of the city runs dry—seriously, where did all the drinks go?

To keep you updated on what’s new, hip, and still in business, we put together a list of the top five bars you should frequent if you’re a student or live around Cornell off campus housing. This list serves as not only a testament to their popularity with Ithaca locals but also a well-deserved “Congratulations” for making it this far.

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11 Food Trucks You Have To Try If You’re A Student At Drexel


Gone are the days of poorly packaged grease bombs catered to army basers and working class lunch takers. Thanks to the surge of mobile eateries in metropolitan areas like Miami and Los Angeles, the good old fashioned “roach coach” has transformed its reputation as a greasy street cart into a burgeoning culinary industry.

Students at Drexel Universty are particularly thankful for this new diversity in lunch options. We did a little digging, touched every corner of the Drexel Reddit community and investigated which of these trucks are worth the long lunch lines. According to you, here are the 11 most popular food trucks you won’t want to pass if you’re a student at Drexel.

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10 Classes at Ohio State You Won’t Want To Miss Out On


Check out #7 on our list.

Check out #7 on our list.

Most of the classes you’re going to take during college won’t stick. You won’t think back on what you learned. You won’t revisit old information. You’ll just lose it all. Ever take meteorology? Can you spot a cumulus cloud? We didn’t think so.

So you may as well pad your schedule with some classes that you’ll actually remember. Not because they enrich your life in some grand way, but because they are fun, and fun things typically stick more than not fun things. So take a quick break from searching for OSU off-campus housing and check out our list of the 10 classes at Ohio State that you won’t want to miss.

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5 Pieces of Advice From 2017’s Best Commencement Speakers


It’s that time of year again. Thousands of students will line the lengths of bleachers across America—donning drapey gowns and a full head of hat hair—and wait patiently to commence the next phase of their young-adult lives. But before that, they’ll bear witness to some of the most notable academic, political and pop-culture figures of the Twenty-First Century speak on adulting, some of which will give some pretty darn good advice.

If you’re graduating this year, or if you’re just wondering what you’re doing here and could use a good pep talk, be sure to check out some of our favorite advice straight from the mouths of this year’s best commencement speakers.

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13 Best Kept Freshman Secrets at Texas A&M


Heading off to college is both a new and exciting experience! New territory means learning new things, which is great, but you don’t know, what you don’t know, right? For all incoming Texas A&M students here is a list of random, but important, things you should know that will help make the next four, or five, (or six) years of your life a little easier.

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Why Preleasing Will Change Your Student Rental Game

pexels-photo-71159 (1)Why do some landlords prelease? To ward off the possibility of vacancies, of course. There’s nothing worse for a landlord than a unit sitting vacant—each month that goes by is a month’s worth of rent metaphorically thrown in the trash. It’s for this reason that preleasing can act as an insurance policy for landlords; one that ensures you won’t be missing out on any potential revenue. But are there other advantages?

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7 Things For OSU Students To Do This Summer In Columbus


Classes, exams, reports, your entire school year is filled with academic responsibilities. On the flipside, it’s also filled with friends, countless parties, and endless activities. While you try to manage your busy life, it always seems like the school year is a super busy time. That’s where summer break comes in for the win every year. Staying in Columbus? Maybe your lease isn’t up, you got a job, or you simply want to stay in the city until next semester. When summer hits, school is over, and a majority of your friends are headed back home for the summer. So now what? That busy schedule of yours has drastically decreased. But that’s totally fine because you finally get to relax, and catch up on your latest Netflix binge, but you need ‘summer’ things to do. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered, here are few things for you to do in Columbus this summer!

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The Real Stories Behind the Indiana University Squirrels


If you go to Indiana University you probably know that squirrels are kind of a big deal on campus, and if you don’t know, now you know. What you probably didn’t know is that these squirrels are just like us. They have lives, hobbies, and interests too. So next time you’re on campus or around IU apartments, and you see one of these squirrels, stop and get to know them.

If you aren’t a follower of @squirrel_of_iu on Insta, we suggest you start!

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14 Things You Need To Do Before Graduating From Syracuse University


College is a time that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, and you’ll be creating some of the best memories that you’ll hold onto for a lifetime. It’s the last stop before you really have to “adult.” Every college campus is unique, and each has their own traditions. We’ve created a list of 15 different things that every college student attending Syracuse University needs to do before they graduate! So what are you waiting for? Get going on this list of absolute must-dos in Syracuse.

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