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5 Best Amenities In Apartments Near Texas Tech

If you’re a student at Texas Tech, chances are you’ve walked around the off-campus campus area in Lubbock couldn’t help but notice there are more than a few massive, high-end student apartment complexes. The popularity of these luxury student apartments has been on the rise, with more and more being built throughout Lubbock—as well as the rest of the country—each year. More like a Mexico resort than an off-campus apartment, these companies are dishing out some extra sweet amenities to help sweeten the deal and make your college years more memorable than you could ever imagine. 

Looking for off-campus housing near Texas Tech University with the sickest amenities? Check out our list of five best amenities in apartments near the Texas Tech campus in Lubbock!

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Tech Terrace: It’s Where All The Houses Near Tech Are

Tech Terrace neighborhood

Tech Terrace is known to many locals as the “Best Square Mile” in Lubbock and is, by far, one of Lubbock’s most desirable neighborhoods. But what makes Tech Terrace so great? Residents will tell you it’s the people that live in the neighborhood that make the community so great. The close proximity to the Texas Tech University campus and downtown Lubbock, as well as the walkability to nearby shopping, dining, parks and events, are just some of the many perks of residing in Tech Terrace. Don’t just take our word for it though, go ahead and see for yourself! Interested in living in Tech Terrace near Texas Tech? Check out these Tech Terrace rentals Continue reading

Texas Tech University Off-Campus Housing: Top 10 Landlords

Going through a house or apartment hunt can be wicked stressful. Pair that with your already packed schedule and trying to work out a plan with your future roomies and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. College is stressful, we get it. But your off-campus housing hunt doesn’t have to be.

Rent College Pads did some digging through hundreds of Google and Facebook reviews to find our top picks for landlords in Lubbock. For a full list of apartments near Texas Tech check out our map page.

Top Texas Tech Traditions

If you’re just starting your college adventure as a Red Raider, you’ve got a lot to learn (and if you’re asking yourself “What’s a Red Raider?”, then you’ve got a lot to learn). Texas Tech is home to some iconic traditions, and if you want to be a part of the crew, you’re going to have to catch up on them. When you’re not busy searching for apartments near Texas Tech , take some time to browse our definitive list of TTU traditions you should know about!

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