10 Classes at Ohio State You Won’t Want To Miss Out On


Check out #7 on our list.

Check out #7 on our list.

Most of the classes you’re going to take during college won’t stick. You won’t think back on what you learned. You won’t revisit old information. You’ll just lose it all. Ever take meteorology? Can you spot a cumulus cloud? We didn’t think so.

So you may as well pad your schedule with some classes that you’ll actually remember. Not because they enrich your life in some grand way, but because they are fun, and fun things typically stick more than not fun things. So take a quick break from searching for OSU off-campus housing and check out our list of the 10 classes at Ohio State that you won’t want to miss.

1. ITALIAN 2055: Mafia Movies

Fan of movies? Ohio State has a class that’ll have you rushing home as soon as class ends to bust out a razor to chop up some garlic for your pasta sauce. Italian 2055: Mafia Movies examines Italian and American mafia movies (yes, that was a Goodfellas reference we made earlier).


2. ECON 4830: Economics of Sports

You’re going to be spending a ton of time at the Horseshoe, so you may as well learn about what Ohio State’s starting quarterback, running back, wide receiver, defensive end…basically the whole roster will be moving onto after they graduate. Economics of sports is an analysis of economic and business aspects of sports teams and their strategic interactions in sports markets.


3. FDSCTE 1110: Chocolate Science

Have an idea for a new app? Bad news. Chocolate exists. So, even at its best, your app will still never be the best thing that exists. But they say keep your friends close and enemies closer, so snuggle up next to your new chocolate enemy in chocolate science next semester. Students are introduced to the science and business aspects of chocolate. And yes, you’ll get to sample commercial products.


4. ECON 4597.01: Issues of the Underground Economy

Some of the issues the underground economy are quite obvious – the fact that it has to exist underground, for one. But learning more about the economic principles of some of the more unsavory aspects of society, such as illegal drugs, arms sales and human trafficking, could benefit students in a variety of ways.


5. MEDREN 2666: Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

We’re curious if the textbooks in this class are actually the Harry Potter series.


6. FDSCTE 1120: Wine and Beer in Western Culture

Leave class, hit the bars, fall asleep and then learn about what made you so hungover that you missed the first 10 minutes of class. This course covers the role of wine and beer in western culture. And the first lesson you learn here? All the coolest stuff is only available once you turn 21. (You have to be 21 to enroll.)


7. MEATSCI 2010: Barbeque Science

No class has ever prepared students for a tailgate better than barbeque science. Students investigate methods to prepare various meat products and gain experience in matching proper cooking methods with different muscles to produce wholesome and palatable products.  You’ll literally be fired up after this class.


8. DANCE 2181: Social Dance

No word on whether this class begins with a history of mistakes in social media dance crazes. We all know most of the semester could be focused on the Bernie, the dab and whatever we’re calling that most recent version of the harlem shake.


9. KNSFHP 1139.14: Introductory Program of Outdoor Pursuits

Students will learn how to skydive and will have the opportunity to do so at the conclusion of the class, but it is not a requirement. This is a skydiving class. But you don’t have to skydive. Where can we sign up for the calculus class that requires no math?


10. KNSFHP 1139.11: Rock Climbing

Basic rock climbing techniques, rope handling, and safety systems will be covered. Do not watch 127 Hours if you intend to take this class and then put to use the knowledge you obtain.

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