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13 Things JMU Students Want Freshmen To Know

The JMU Train just leisurely passing through campus (Flickr)

If you’re going to a school that’s named after James Madison, the founding father of the US Constitution, you’re going to want to live somewhere that stands up to his reputation. That’s where we come in: Rent College Pads works hard to help students find the best James Madison off-campus housing options for rent near campus in Harrisonburg.

High school is in your rear-view mirror—good riddance—and it only took you a solid four years to master its halls. But a new school in a new place means you’re back to square one. Great.

Lucky for you, you’re not the first person who has been in this spot. Why not skip a few steps and “pass go” by learning from the experience of your predecessors? Through trial and error, here are thirteen pieces of advice that upperclassman at James Madison University wish they knew as Freshmen.

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