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Dinkytown Has The Best Parties At The University of Minnesota
Dinkytown in Minneapolis, MN.

Dinkytown in Minneapolis, MN. (Flickr)

Go ahead and Google “Best College Bars Minnesota.” We’re fairly confident the results will point to one place: Dinkytown. There are few college spots in the US that claim the party fame as well as Dinkytown in Minneapolis. Though the origin of the name is debatable, there is no debate when it comes to the amount of fun to be had in the area between 6th Street and University Avenue. Continue reading

UMN Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated University of Minnesota Landlords
umn off-campus housing

The bridge back to campus in Dinkytown, which houses many of the best places near UMN. (Flickr)

The sun starts to disappear faster, nights get colder, and thousands of students need to begin their search for UMN off-campus housing. The return of fall brings about many new beginnings, and none of them are quite like moving into a new house or apartment to begin a new chapter of your life. But almost as soon as you move into a new place, it’s time to start looking for the next one.

Such is the life of a college student.

For students at the University of Minnesota, there are a lot of choices and decisions you have to make when it comes to housing. Marcy Holmes? Dinkytown? Stadium Village? Each neighborhood offers its advantages and type of community. With such a vibrant and growing off campus housing community around Minnesota, figuring out where you’re going to move next can be overwhelming.

To make things a little easier on you, we’ve decided to run through University of Minnesota apartments and houses for rent and compile a list of the UMN off-campus housing choices with the most favorable reviews on Google. Continue reading

Five Awesome University of Minnesota Coffee Shops
coffee cup

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee to get you through the cold Minnesota weather | Flickr

After exploring the University of Minnesota area, we discovered that coffee shops have become an integral part of UMN student life. These local coffee shops offer much more than just gratifying caffeine fixes. They are a place to gather with friends and simply unwind from the stresses of collegiate life.

We decided to look beyond the convenience of familiar on-campus coffee shops and find the top 5 places located in the off-campus area. With winter quickly approaching, you will be pleased to find that all of the places on this list are within walking distance of the UMN campus. Continue reading