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Where You Should Be Eating In College Hill near Northern Iowa

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When Northern Iowa students need some food to fuel them through their studies or a drink to close out their stressful school week and finally begin their weekend they often head to College Hill; a popular Cedar Falls district that has become the go-to spot for students providing a mecca of bars and restaurants.

Located adjacent to the UNI campus, you don’t have to travel far to find yourself surrounded by the best eats and drinks that Cedar Falls has to offer. Before you start your hunt for apartments in Cedar Falls near the University of Northern Iowa be sure to fill up on some of the best places to grab food and drinks in the College Hill neighborhood. Continue reading

Seven Top Rated Cedar Falls Landlords: University of Northern Iowa Off-Campus Housing
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The Union at the University of Northern Iowa. (Flickr)

Summer has reached its end [insert sad face here] and the school year is here. That means it’s time to put down that ice-cold beer and pick up your laptop, because the search for apartments near Cedar Falls begins again!

Finding a home that isn’t the stereotypical college house (damaged, dirty, and in an area infested by party-crazed college animals) is harder than it may seem. Worry not, because we have the tools necessary for you to get through these stressful times with ease. We have done our research, so you don’t have to. We searched long and hard for the best landlords in the Cedar Falls area near the University of Northern Iowa.

Thankfully for us, quite a few residents left some very helpful feedback. So we’ve sifted through luxurious apartments to residences unfit for well…anyone and have come up with the best of the best! Continue reading