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Best Apartments for Students Near USC
Wade Hampton Statue--Columbia (SC) 2012 (Flickr)

Wade Hampton Statue–Columbia (SC) 2012 (Flickr)

The life of a college student is full of freedom and the fun that follows. The joys of heading off to the university of your choosing is great, but do you know what’s really great? When you head off of campus and into your own house. You’ve all seen your friends post Instagram pictures of signing their first lease, and now it’s time to join them.

Here at Rent College Pads, we have decided to run through some of the best housing options available for the lucky students who attend the University of South Carolina in Columba, SC. We used Google Maps review system to determine this list of ten. For a full list of available apartments near USC view our map page.

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University of South Carolina Parking: How To Manage The Struggle
university of south carolina parking

Let us help you find some parking solutions.

There are a lot of great things about attending school at South Carolina. But there’s one thing above all else that makes it frustrating: the parking situation. University of South Carolina parking is an incredible challenge, as you’re not only battling other students for parking spots, but you’re battling everyone who works in downtown Columbia community for a spot.

Most students do not live within walking distance of the USC campus, so transportation options are very important to be aware of.

Parking near South Carolina

You can purchase a two-semester permit to park in non-metered parking facilities at South Carolina for $100. You can also purchase just for the Spring semester ($75) and for Summer ($50). Of course, you’ll still have to battle with other students to find a spot and as you probably already know, the supply is far out-weighed by the demand.

Another option is to purchase a spot in a USC garage. Purchasing a spot will keep your space reserved for a semester. There are five popular garage options at Pendleton, Blossom, Senate and Senate/Pickens that will cost you $360 per semester. Another option is Bull Street, which is $380.

Obviously, these prices are astronomical, especially for college students. So it’s important to know what other options you have available, especially if you’re researching future housing.

Apartments With Private, University of South Carolina Shuttles

These complexes give students the ability to stop worrying about fighting the masses for a safe spot for their car every day.

Understanding The Comet

The Comet is a new transit system implemented by Central Midlands Transit. Comet stops and shelters are prominent throughout campus and the map systems indicate where you are, which bus is arriving next and the many routes they offer.

The Comet is significantly more affordable than parking on a daily basis but has some of the same problems many mass transportation options have. You’ll have to operate on their schedule and find a way to get to the stops. But given how hard it is to park elsewhere, parking near a Comet stop and using one may be far cheaper for you.

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