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Top 5 Apartments For Rent in Manhattan, KS Near K-State

Every year, thousands of Kansas State students searching for off-campus houses and apartments in Manhattan, KS near Kansas State use to find their perfect place to live near K-State. A vast majority of off-campus leases are signed during the early part of the second semester, months and months in advance from your move-in date. 

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How Off-Campus Housing Is Changing During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Students are scrambling to find off-campus housing for next semester, more than what you’d usually expect to see over summer break. That’s not because they’ve put off finding housing until the very last minute, but because colleges across the United States have slowly started to announce their plans to reopen campus for the fall semester following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While there are still a ton of universities holding off on officially announcing whether classes will be held on-campus or online next semester until mid-July, it’s safe to assume that most college campuses’ plans to reopen will include adjustments to how many students can attend in-person classes at once and other plans to limit large groups. While the possibility of getting out of their on-campus living requirement may be a welcome change for some students, it will also mean that landlords should be ready for a possible flood of inquiries from potential student renters. 

To get a better feel for what that’s like, we spoke with the Chief Operating Officer of DABCO Property Management near Washington State University to figure out exactly what this pandemic has and will mean for them. 

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The 5 Most Popular Houses for Rent in Ames, Iowa

If you’re planning on calling one of the houses for rent in Ames, IA home for the 2020-21 school year, know that we’re here to help you find your next place. We have hundreds of available Ames housing options on our Iowa State off-campus housing page to choose from.

If you’ve only just decided you want to live off-campus next year, you may not know what you’re looking for. To help you out, we did a bit of digging and created a list for the five most popular houses for rent in Ames, IA on College Pads. 

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Ohio State’s Going Back to Campus: Sophomores Granted Off-Campus Exemption

Ohio State University students will make the return to campus for the fall 2020 semester! The Ohio State University President, Michael V. Drake, recently made the announcement that in-person classes will resume on campus beginning Tuesday, August 25 with the conclusion of the semester on Friday, December 4.

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Top 5 Houses for Rent in Ann Arbor Near the University of Michigan

Each year, thousands of students searching for Umich off-campus housing use to find their perfect Ann Arbor rental. A majority of off-campus leases are signed during the Fall semester, almost a year in advance of the date that you would be moving in. If you’re looking to land one of the houses for rent in Ann Arbor, you’re going to want to have your search well underway in September and have a lease signed no later than November. Students still continue to sign throughout the spring semester, though options are severely limited by that point. 

These properties were the five most contacted houses for rent in Ann Arbor by Michigan students during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.

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10 Most Popular East Lansing Apartments Near Michigan State University

Every year, thousands of students searching for apartments and off-campus housing near Michigan State University use to find their housing. There’s a great mix of off-campus housing options near Michigan State, and apartment inquiries have been on the up and up! Like many other campuses across the nation, MSU students start looking for housing during their Fall Semester. Students begin their hunt for MSU apartments as soon as September, and the number of searches peaks throughout the semester in the months of October and November. 

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