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Houses For Rent Near Purdue for Under $800

houses for rent at purdue

Living off-campus is great for all of the freedom it allows. You no longer have an RA constantly watching you and you don’t have people asking you to paint a brick to hold open your door or participate in one of the hundreds of other seemingly pointless activities you always get roped into doing in the dorms.

So you’re looking forward to getting off-campus, but at what cost??? Rent at Purdue is ‘too damn high‘, according to the Purdue Exponent. Luckily, Rent College Pads knows about several places that won’t break the bank–even as a college student. Here are four houses for rent near Purdue for under $800: Continue reading

Mac and cheese and other foods not worth getting expelled from college over
expelled mac and cheese

Don’t get expelled chasing mac and cheese or these other foods. | Flickr

We’re not here to bad mouth mac and cheese.

Rent College Pads stand firmly behind macaroni and cheese, regardless of how you cook it. The classic Kraft mac and cheese dish obviously has its charms, with its powdered yellow substance that looks nothing like any cheese we’ve ever had. The fast-casual dining establishment Noodles and Company serves a plentiful mac and cheese dish that can serve as adequate nourishment for an entire day. And barbecue and soul food places have made mac and cheese a go-to side dish for many of us.

But as delightful as it is, mac and cheese is not a dish worth risking expulsion from school, as reportedly happened with a UConn student. He had to have his bacon jalapeno mac and cheese, and it was that desire that cost him dearly in the end. Continue reading