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COVID-19’s Impact On Property Management at College Campuses

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few months, you know that literally everything about our day to day life has changed. We are socially distancing ourselves from family and friends, wearing face masks when we need to venture outside, working remotely at home offices, and waiting on daily updates about what the new few months of our lives are going to look like. It’s boring, but it’s what we need to do.

Even though some places are slowly opening businesses back up, it won’t be business as usual. Not for a while anyway, and the off-campus housing market is no different. With some schools announcing they intend to have on-campus classes in the fall and others still holding off, it’s a tumultuous time for property managers.

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Indiana University Top 5 Bloomington Apartments for Rent

Each year, thousands of students searching for apartments and off-campus housing in Bloomington, IN  use to find their housing. There’s a  great mix of off-campus housing options near IU and apartment inquiries have been on the rise! Like many other campuses across the nation, many students start looking during the Fall Semester. Students begin their hunt for IU apartments as soon as September, and the number of searches spikes throughout the semester in the months of October and November.

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