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Five Free Things To Do At UNH

Ever afraid to check your bank account? Us, too. But for many UNH students, that fear can sometimes turn into habit-forming hermit-ism, forcing you to retreat into the darkest corners of your dorm to hide from any over-zealous friend who wants to go out and spend money on the town together. Maybe the reason you’re in such dire financial straits is opting for expensive dorm housing instead of searching for UNH off-campus housing .

Whatever the case, you’re in need of some cheap things to do in Durham. That’s where we come in. In fact, Rent College Pads is going to do you one better: we’ve got five free things to do around UNH to keep your checkings account from calling all the shots.

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University of New Hampshire: 10 Top Rated Landlords in Durham

As past and present college students, we at Rent College Pads can totally relate to the annoyances of trying to find UNH off-campus housing. Between getting your roommates together to go house hunting, and making sure you stay away from less than reputable places, things can get pretty stressful. Stay calm; we got your back!

We sat down and dug through reviews of countless off-campus housing options, leaving University of New Hampshire students with the top ten off-campus housing landlords in Durham.

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