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5 Reasons To Live Off-Campus: IUP
IUP Arch

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The decision to move off campus is a big deal for students. In college, you should have at least one year to experience living in a dorm. If anything, at least you’ll have crazy stories from your dorm experience. But after that, many will agree that moving to IUP off-campus housing  is way better than living in the dorms for these reasons: Continue reading

10 Top Rated Boulder Landlords: CU-Boulder Off-Campus Housing
CU-Boulder Campus

CU-Boulder Campus (Flickr)

If you’re like most college students, there’s a good chance you spent your first year or two on campus sleeping on a lofted dorm room bed. Anyone who has ever spent time in a dorm knows that if you like your personal space (and the freedom to do as you please), the dorms can be a real buzz-kill. Tired of being told you can’t play music past 10 p.m.? Rent College Pads has a solution for that—corral your friends, find your perfect CU-Boulder off campus housing pad and revel in your newfound freedom.

To help you jumpstart the process, we took a look at the best off-campus housing options available for students at the University of Colorado-Boulder. We combed through hundreds of reviews and cherry-picked the top 10 places to live at CU-Boulder near campus.

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Best Apartments for Students Near USC
Wade Hampton Statue--Columbia (SC) 2012 (Flickr)

Wade Hampton Statue–Columbia (SC) 2012 (Flickr)

The life of a college student is full of freedom and the fun that follows. The joys of heading off to the university of your choosing is great, but do you know what’s really great? When you head off of campus and into your own house. You’ve all seen your friends post Instagram pictures of signing their first lease, and now it’s time to join them.

Here at Rent College Pads, we have decided to run through some of the best housing options available for the lucky students who attend the University of South Carolina in Columba, SC. We used Google Maps review system to determine this list of ten. For a full list of available apartments near USC view our map page.

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10 Top Rated Landlords

Clemson University Band – United States (Flickr)

The average college student has a lot of tough choices to make: Deciding which speech section they want to take, selecting which fraternity/sorority they want to pledge too, wondering what they’re going to wear (or when to show up for that matter) to the big football game and even choosing which filter they should put on that 2 a.m. Snapchat that’s headed back home towards their ex. All these choices might be important to the college lifestyle but none of them can make or break your experience like choosing a spot to live.

To help make that choice a little easier, we’ve decided to run through a list of real estate agencies and rental properties around the Clemson campus on Google maps and have selected the top 10 based on their star rankings and pulled out a few choice reviews for your reading pleasure. Oh, and by the way, choose the dog filter. Continue reading