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What advice would college students most like to give to to their landlords?

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If you’ve ever taken the time to check out some apartment reviews on Google or Yelp or any other place where reviews live online, you’ll notice that college students have long had a few beefs with the college housing industry. But online reviews are unfulfilling. Too often they are experiences unique to one person, brought upon by a fractured relationship with the building they are leaving. It’s hard to trust one anonymous user review.

Strength is in numbers.

With that in mind, we surveyed college students across the country over the past couple of weeks to get some more feedback on the current state of college housing. One question we asked every student was, “What advice would you give your landlord?” After over 1,000 responses, we’ve seen a few common responses pop up time and time again. Continue reading

The Best Google Chrome Extensions For College Students
Via Flickr | Stephen Shankland

Via Flickr | Stephen Shankland

With all of the distracting, funny, or downright time-wasting things on the internet, it can be hard to remember that you can still use it to be productive and simplify your life. There are so many tools on the internet that trying to find and use all of them might seem counterproductive, so I compiled a list of them to try to help college students make the most of their time online.

Here are some free extensions for Google Chrome that can make college life a little bit easier. Continue reading

A Penn State Student’s Guide to the CATABUS System
Via Flickr | Joe Shlabotnik

Via Flickr | Joe Shlabotnik

The CATABUS is nothing short of a life saver for many here at Penn State, especially for those living in apartments near Penn State. Whether it helps you get to class, the Nittany Mall, or to your apartment safely after a night out, you can always count on the CATABUS to take you where you need to go.

Tips for Navigating the CATABUS System: Continue reading