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5 Most Affordable Landlords Near Syracuse University

When it comes to off-campus housing there are a few things most students agree on that they want, one is being close to campus, and the other is something affordable. Of course, having certain amenities like a dishwasher, parking, and more are all added bonuses. College is already expensive and the last thing a student wants is more expenses. Whether you prefer to live alone or with a couple of friends, there are options that won’t burn a hole in your wallet!

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Syracuse University: 10 Top Rated Landlords in Syracuse

Looking for a place to live quickly turns into a tedious and overwhelming task. You’ve heard landlord horror stories and making sure you choose a great place with an awesome landlord is at the top of your list.

To try and help you out we decided to do some research to find the top 10 landlords in Syracuse. We shuffled through hundreds of reviews to find the best of the best to choose from, and to make your off-campus housing search that much easier!

And to make things even easier, check out all these Syracuse University apartments.

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University Hill in Syracuse: A Hill of a Good Time (We’re Not Sorry)

deserted marshall street (#62)

Perhaps you’re a first-time renter or maybe this isn’t your first rodeo living off-campus in Syracuse. Regardless, students can agree that choosing where you’re going to live plays a huge part in the whole college experience – so finding housing in University Hill is not a bad idea. With so many options, you’re going to want to find that perfect place you’ve always dreamt of.

In University Hill, you’ll find an area just minutes from campus, with some of the best dining options, parks, entertainment in Syracuse. That’s what makes the University Hill neighborhood a top choice for thousands of Syracuse students each year. Continue reading

Our 5 Favorite Bars Near Syracuse University

Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge

College life goes beyond all the classwork and sleepless nights; it’s a time to meet new people and create memories that will last you a lifetime! Things like Friday nights and “Cuse” wins call for a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than by heading the bars, of course!

We all know Marshall Street and Armory Square are popular hangout spots near Syracuse University Apartments , but the city of Syracuse has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. Here are the top five places to eat and drink near Syracuse University.

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14 Things You Need To Do Before Graduating From Syracuse University


College is a time that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, and you’ll be creating some of the best memories that you’ll hold onto for a lifetime. It’s the last stop before you really have to “adult.” Every college campus is unique, and each has their own traditions. We’ve created a list of 15 different things that every college student attending Syracuse University needs to do before they graduate! So what are you waiting for? Get going on this list of absolute must-dos in Syracuse.

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Landlord Profile: Andre’s Syracuse University Apartments and Houses

Andre El-Amir has been serving Syracuse students for over 25 years with his Syracuse University apartments, but he’s been a member of the community for far longer.

El-Amir’s family emigrated from Syria when he was a child in 1970. He grew up on Lancaster Avenue and hasn’t strayed far since. Growing up in the shadow of Syracuse University, he learned skills from his carpenter father that would pay off a great deal later in life. El-Amir purchased his first house in 1989 and was able to kickstart his housing business ten years later. His biggest asset in the student housing business is the knowledge and ability to keep his properties well-maintained. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Know You Went To Syracuse University


A hefty plate of food from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, NY (Flickr)

1. There’s only one Grocery store that has your heart: Wegman’s

Native to the upper east coast, Wegman’s offers a wide selection of food, household items, floral supplies, and anything else you could ever want or need. Whether you’re grabbing some ready-to-eat pizza or hunting for the best deals on organic food, Wegman’s is your grocery chain of choice if you’re a student attending Syracuse University. The crowds might drive off some, but the amazing sushi rolls will have you clamoring for this store when you’re back home for the holidays. Continue reading

Best Apartments for Syracuse Students

'Cuse. Flag. (Flickr)

‘Cuse. Flag. (Flickr)

With all the horror stories you hear about crumbling apartments and shady rental practices, finding the best off-campus housing can make you feel a bit like Nicholas Cage trying to locate the treasure (or a legitimate movie role … Ba-Dum-CH!). The odds seem to be wildly stacked against you, and the pressure of it all can cause you to look and feel a bit nuts.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to solve cryptographs to find what you want. We crawled through hundreds of reviews on Google, Facebook and ApartmentRatings and settled on a list of the top five apartments near Syracuse University. According to our research, we think these Syracuse University Apartments are a pretty safe bet. Continue reading