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Landlords: A Look At 5 Popular Online Rent Collection Services

A lot of things in life can be difficult and time-consuming, like getting in shape, reading a book, and cleaning up after a party—that’s why there are supplements, SparkNotes and Shamwows. As human beings, we’ve life-hacked our way through the centuries in order to make the tedious things in life as simple as possible. It’s no surprise, then, that rent collection has recently entered the online realm and, in doing so, has become easier than ever.

We took a look at five popular online rent paying services landlords can use that make it fast and easy to get paid on time. But before we get to the tools that’ll make rent collection easier, it’s important to understand why collecting rent online is worth the effort.

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The Craziest College Student Housing Amenities
900 factory

The bowling alley at 900 Factory in Logan, Utah near Utah State University. (900 Factory Website)

College living isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. No longer is your only option a dilapidating house with five people you’ll soon know all too well. Over the years, hundreds of luxury off-campus student housing complexes have been popping up around the nation. Even having granite counter tops and a pool just isn’t enough of a draw for students at some campuses.

To step up their game, the players in the student housing industry have had to include other amenities that set them apart from the rest. Here’s a list of some over-the-top and crazy amenities that no student needs, but every student enjoys! Continue reading

Landlords: Text Your Student Renters


Do you leave voicemail after voicemail trying to reach your tenants to no avail? Do you email your leads to set up showings and get nothing but the cold shoulder in return? The good news is, it’s not you; it’s your methods.

We decided to channel our inner college student, do a little research and find out why exactly students just can’t answer an email or pick up their phones. Spoiler alert: they can, they just don’t want to. And here’s why:

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Best Apartments for University of Oregon Students
University of Oregon campus photo from across lake/pond. Picture taken in fall.
University of Oregon Campus

So you survived a year (or two, or three) of not only college but also living in the dorms. Now what? If you’re ready to stretch your legs and move into a place that’s a little less supervised and a little more you, College Pads has your back. We put together a list of the top-rated landlords around the University of Oregon to help take the guesswork out of finding your first home away from home during the duration of your college career, whether you’re looking for the University of Oregon off-campus housing.

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The Top 5 Reasons Students Renew Their Leases

The student housing market is unique for many reasons, but one stands out in particular: turnover. Instead of planting their roots, college students tend to hop from place to place, leaving behind their landlords with vacant units and broken hearts. We at Rent College Pads understood this predicament and decided to probe for answers to the age-old question: what makes students want to dust off their pens, call up their landlords and ask to be legally bound to them for another whole year?

We sent out a survey and waited patiently as the responses flew in. From a pool of twenty options, here are the five most important factors students consider when deciding whether or not to renew their current lease:

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Best College Towns To Live In After Graduation – Top 20

The college lifestyle of meeting new friends and trying different things might be the best part of the college experience for some. But you know what’s even better? Graduating college and getting your life started right out of the gate, which isn’t as simple as it seems. The hassles of college are certainly challenging, but they pale in comparison to the hassles of adult life. Getting a job? Finding insurance? Scheduling regular appointments at the doctor or dentist or wherever else appointments are required? That stuff is brutal and its always going to be brutal.

But we did find a few towns where maybe the tribulations of adulthood can be offset by some good things, like like-minded folks and a good paying job. We analyzed some data and found the twenty best college towns for grads to settle down in once they’re done getting degrees.

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