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Best Apartments for Northern Colorado University Students

UNCO Campus

Growing up you probably couldn’t wait to be an adult, no rules, or anyone telling you what to do. Well, you finished high-school and it’s finally time you get that freedom you’ve waited your entire life for. Like most college students do, you probably spent your first year living in the dorms and you actually didn’t get as much “freedom” as you thought.

Sharing a room with a messy, loud snoring, roommate who always thought she could bring her boyfriend over into your shared closet-sized room probably wasn’t what you had in mind. Or how about not being able to play your music loudly or the big bad RA would pay a visit to your dorm room. Well, you paid your dues and now it’s finally time to sign a lease on your first place where you are in-charge. With so many options and it being your first time, you’re going to want help to find that perfect place you’ve always dreamt of. Luckily for you, Rent College Pads has got you covered!

Here at Rent College Pads, we sat down and searched through all of the Greeley off-campus housing options for students attending the University of Northern Colorado. After reading hundreds of reviews, we came up with a list of the top landlords in the Greeley area making your decision on where to live a little easier.

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