5 Most Affordable Landlords Near Ohio University

When it comes to finding off-campus housing, it’s important to student renters that they find a place they like, is close to campus, and won’t run your (or your parents’) pockets dry. Between the costs of tuition, books, housing, and all of the other expenses that go along with being a student, it can almost seem like you’ll be paying off loans until the end of time. To help cut costs, you should consider getting a roommate or two, but you can also try looking at some options that are totally affordable for the average student.

Over at College Pads, we did some digging to find you the 5 most affordable landlords near Ohio University. If you’re looking for off-campus housing near OU then check these guys out below to help balance that budget! Landlords are ranked from highest to lowest.

5.  LTD Properties

     Floor Plans Offered: Studio and 2-5+ bedrooms

     Average Cost Per Person: $518.83

4.  Coady Rentals

     Floor Plans Offered: 1-5+ bedrooms

     Average Cost Per Person: $509.79

3.  KTC Rentals

     Floor Plans Offered: 3 bedrooms

     Average Cost Per Person: $500

2.  Good Rentals

     Floor Plans Offered: Studio-4 bedrooms

     Average Cost Per Person: $462.72

1.  Athens Real Estate Company

     Floor Plans Offered: 1-5+ bedrooms

     Average Cost Per Person: $460.97

If you’re looking for a house or apartment, we are sure the options listed above can provide you with a great place and an even sweeter deal! Still not sure where to start when looking for OU off-campus housing? Check out these tips for living off-campus at Ohio University!

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