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Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Most Popular Rentals: September 2019

Each year, thousands of students searching for houses and apartments near IUP use to find housing. Just like many other campuses across the nation, many students at IUP Bloomington start searching for housing during the Fall Semester. Students begin their house hunting early in September and the number of searches picks up throughout the semester during October and November. 

This September was no different.  Most leases are signed during the Fall Semester a year in advance of the date that you would be moving in. if you’re an IUP student with a group looking for place you’ll want to sign a lease as early as September and no later than November. For those looking to live alone you can buy yourself a little more time but we warn you to not wait much longer after you return from Winter Break. Get ahead of the game and start early to find your perfect pad before your competition does! 

These properties were the five most contacted properties by IUP students in the month of September, 2019 in Indiana, PA.  Continue reading

5 Date Ideas Near IUP That Guarantee A Goodnight Text

For weeks, you’ve been admiring your crush who just happens to sit next to you in class. From asking for a pen to inquiring about the time, you tried everything you could to strike up a conversation. Multiple pep talks from friends—and hours of practicing in front of the mirror—later, you finally worked up enough courage to ask him/her out. And to your surprise, they said yes! What a relief.

Now the pressure is on, and you need to impress. But don’t sweat it; we’ve figured it out for you, so you don’t have to. Here’s a list of 5 butterfly-inducing date ideas you can work on when you’re not scouring IUP off-campus housing. These will practically guarantee a smiley face text after you’ve both gone home … hopefully to continue the housing search! We are Rent College Pads after all!

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The 5 Best Places To Grab A Bite Near IUP

You pulled an all-nighter studying for that chem exam, checked your Insta, had a full day of classes, checked your Facebook, met your lab partner to catch up on your project, checked your Twitter, went to soccer practice, and now you are starving!

We know the last thing you want to do after a busy day is cook your own meal. Luckily for you, we came up with five places that will cook a meal for you near IUP off-campus housing , so you don’t have to—and we’re fairly confident it’ll taste better than easy mac and ramen.

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5 Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate From IUP

Four years can seem like a pretty long time, especially when you’re in the midst of writing papers and cramming for finals. But before you know it, you’ll be walking across the stage, sporting a graduation gown and looking back on all the memories you made during your time at IUP—ones that probably have little to do with books and studying.

Unlike tweets and classes, time is one thing you can’t go back and redo—well, yet, anyway. So don’t let time go by without experiencing everything you possibly can during your time living in IUP off-campus housing apartments.
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Top 4 Coffee Shops & Breakfast Spots at IUP

The typical college student requires copious amounts of coffee to get through exams, finals week, and their big papers. Everyone knows about the Starbucks on the corner (every corner), but sometimes you want a little more local flair. We dug in to find the top 5 places near IUP off-campus housing to grab a cup of joe.

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The Top 5 Bars To Be A Regular At If You Attend IUP

When they’re not hitting the books, students at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania like to indulge in some fun after hours. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cold one on the patio or need to expel some energy on the dance floor, Downtown Indiana is chock-full of places to imbibe.

If you’re new to town, or if you’re looking for a change of pace, we put together a list of locations near IUP off-campus housing that is sure to please even the biggest of party poopers. If you’re thinking about painting the town red this weekend, make sure to stop by one—or all—of these five Indiana bars.

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5 Reasons To Live Off-Campus: IUP
IUP Arch

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The decision to move off campus is a big deal for students. In college, you should have at least one year to experience living in a dorm. If anything, at least you’ll have crazy stories from your dorm experience. But after that, many will agree that moving to IUP off-campus housing  is way better than living in the dorms for these reasons: Continue reading

Four Things IUP Seniors Remember That Freshmen Wouldn’t Understand
The Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Flickr)

It’s October at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The anxiety of midterms and an impending faculty strike linger in the air like the autumn leaves. For those of us who first arrived on campus in the fall of 2013, this is likely the last time we’ll see the leaves in the Oak Grove change from green to shades of yellow and orange as an undergrad. The Class of 2017 still has plenty of time to make their senior year memorable, but for now, let’s look back on some of the things we Seniors remember that our fellow Freshmen will never fully understand.

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5 Top Rated Indiana Landlords: IUP Off-Campus Housing

We’re not going to sugar coat it—signing a lease is a legally binding decision that you’ll most likely be stuck with for the better part of a year. Stressful. Such a serious decision naturally will invoke thoughts of hidden fees, shoddy internet, and noisy neighbors can give students more anxiety than the first day of class.

But don’t bite your fingernails down to jagged stumps quite yet. We sifted through hundreds of reviews on Google left by the past and current tenants and crafted a list of places with only the cleanest of reputations for IUP off-campus housing.  Continue reading

When should you look for an Indiana apartment near IUP?
iup off campus housing

The beautiful Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

The journey into moving off campus at Indiana University in Pennsylvania into a house or Indiana apartment can be a stressful one, whether you are an undergrad student looking to go off campus for the first time, or a graduate student looking for that nice apartment to spend time in while you study for school.

But we can help out. With the right tools (ahem, Rent College Pads’s IUP off-campus housing listings) and a little knowledge about when to search to make sure you get the place you’ve always wanted, the stress of apartment or house hunting all fades right away. Continue reading