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An Unofficial Guide to Indiana University

guide to indiana university

We know every college campus is different. We also know students may have very specific questions when they are researching potential colleges. So we’ve prepared a guide to Indiana University specifically for students.

We want to focus on what we know matters most to students. What’s the weather like? Is there a way I can make this experience cost any less? Where can I get a good drink? WHERE DO I DO MY DANCING!?

So here is the Rent College Pads Unofficial Guide to Indiana University: Continue reading

Getting Around Without a Car at UW-Oshkosh
uw-oshkosh sign

Travel doesn’t have to be a pain at UW-Oshkosh (image source: Wikipedia)

In a college town like Oshkosh, there’s plenty of exploring you can do while you’re at school. But what if you don’t have a car? You might be thinking you’ll never be able to get out there, but don’t panic. UW-Oshkosh has their students in mind and provides several options of transportation for those students who don’t have a car, or who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

We read the transportation reviews on College Niche to see which options students thought were the best way to get around town.   Continue reading

Getting Around Without a Car at Marquette University
marquette buses

Buses line up all winter long at Marquette. (Photo: Jeramey Jannene | Flickr)

Going away to college is probably the first taste of freedom for many students, but problems may arise if you don’t have a car to bring to school with you. This can seem like a big deal when heading to college, but luckily for you, there are ways to get around without a vehicle. And apartments near Marquette University have plenty of options to get you from Point A to Point B.

We checked the transportation reviews on College Niche to see what students said were the best ways to get around. Continue reading

UW-Milwaukee: Food on a Budget
uw-milwaukee food

Gyro. Delicious.

The Milwaukee area is home to a diverse group of neighborhoods and restaurants. In Walker’s Point, you’ll find a bevy of Mexican restaurants. The bar scene on Water Street and North Avenue is also home to national chains and local eateries galore. And when we zero in on East Side of Milwaukee, the UWM area, we see that it’s no slouch when it comes to food people claim as their favorite either.

We scoured Yelp and found the best places to eat UW-Milwaukee food on a budget. You’ll want to make sure to browse our UWM off-campus housing so you can live as close as possible to these favored food joints. Continue reading

UW-Madison: Food on a Budget
ian's pizza in madison

Ian’s in Madison (John Fischer : Flickr)

We know money is tight for students at UW-Madison. That’s the one big negative that comes alongside all the great things about being in college. We also know that students love food. Especially in a town like Madison with so many great dining options. So we’ve scoured the internet (mainly Yelp, honestly) and found the best options for UW-Madison food that won’t ruin your budget.

Being (almost) broke doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally enjoy a quality meal. Continue reading