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Binghamton University: 10 Top Rated Binghamton Landlords

Between studying for exams, hitting the gym, and planning your best friend’s birthday party, putting aside time to thoroughly research potential landlords can seem impossible.

Never fear, Rent College Pads is here! We took the time to do all of the grunt work, so you don’t have to. After weeding through tons of landlords and resident reviews, we’ve created a list of the top landlords Binghamton University students can use to find the best apartments near Binghamton.

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5 Things You Have To Do Before You Graduate From Bloomsburg University

Growing up, your parents always reminded you to “enjoy being young while you can, because time flies.” College is no different; time doesn’t stop just because you’re away at school. With your busy schedule, it can seem hard to make time for all the things you should experience while you’re young.

Our advice? Hit the breaks! Make the most of your years at Bloomsburg University. Live up your college years before you’re an official adult. And while you’re at it, make sure you check out these five things to do before you leave Bloomsburg for bigger and better things.

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SUNY Cortland: 10 Top Rated Landlords in Cortland, NY

Here at Rent College Pads, we understand your house hunting struggles. After sifting through what seems like a million properties, you’ve finally narrowed it down to your top picks. If you’re a first-time renter, you might not have thought about all that goes into choosing a place. Have you looked into landlord credibility? Sure, that place may look great online, but renting extends beyond that; research is critical!

We searched high and low for the best of the best, so you don’t have to! Take a look at our picks for the best landlords for Cortland student housing.

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University of Missouri: 10 Top Rated Landlords in Columbia

Perhaps you’re a first-time renter, or maybe you’ve been around the block more than a couple of times. Regardless, the house hunting process never seems to get less stressful, no matter how many times you’ve done it. We’ve all heard those landlord horror stories—you call again and again, but they’re unresponsive to your requests, or you get bullied out of your security deposit. Don’t put yourself in a sticky situation; do your research and score the best Mizzou off-campus housing .

We’ve taken the time to weed through countless reviews, so you don’t have to! Don’t just take our word for it though; read on to see our top ten landlords near The University of Missouri.

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The 5 Best Places To Grab Coffee & Breakfast in Bloomsburg

All those all-nighters and early morning classes can really drain your energy levels. And before there were Red Bulls and Five Hour Energies, we relied on good old fashioned coffee and some breakfast to get us going in the morning.

Luckily, the city of Bloomsburg is full of places to power up. Check out these five places around apartments near Bloomsburg if you’re in need of some extra motivation to get out of bed.

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Kent State University: The Top 10 Landlords in Kent, OH

The school year is fast approaching, and the time has come to start getting a move on with your housing plans. Between your already busy schedule and trying to link up with your roommates, everything is super stressful. You’ve already looked into a few places, but how can you be sure the property is reputable?

Rent College Pads has got your back. We combed through tons of landlords in Kent to bring you the best of the best. Take a look at our top ten picks for Kent State University off-campus housing. View a complete list of apartments near Kent State here.

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Safest College Campuses In 2017 – Top 25

#13 on our list.

You finished taking those grueling ACT and SAT’s and have been filling out college applications like it’s your job. The time to choose which college you’ll be attending is fast approaching, and it’s no small matter; you want to make the best choice. Among the lengthy list of things to consider, one thing that should not be taken lightly is campus safety. We all know you want to get out of mom and dad’s house, but knowing you’re going somewhere safe will put you all at ease.

To help narrow down your choice, we took a look at the stats and compiled a list of the 25 safest university campuses across the United States, based on the least amount of crime per capita. According to the data, you can rest easy while attending these 25 campuses.

Safest College Towns in the US

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The Top 5 Places to Grab Coffee & Breakfast in Cortland

Coffee and breakfast are the keys to maintaining a busy college schedule. Without some caffeinated beverages to perk you up, and some breakfast to break your hanger, it can be a risky move to even get out of bed in the morning.

Lucky for you, Cortland is home to some pretty great spots near Cortland student housing that allow you fill up on coffee and bacon so you can go about your day feeling like a human being.

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6 Top Rated Bloomsburg Landlords

There is arguably no busier schedule than that of a college student. After all of that studying, working, exam taking and partying, there’s little time left to search for the perfect place.

We know you have a lot to worry about, and we’re here to help. We combed through tons of reviews and settled on a list of our top picks for landlords in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania for apartments near Bloomsburg

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5 Things You Have To Do If You’re A Student At SUNY Cortland

Time flies when you’re busy having fun, or taking exams, or studying for more exams. We get how hectic college life is, and how things just don’t ever seem to slow down, but sometimes you need to pump the breaks and enjoy your life outside of the classroom. After all, this is the last stop before you enter the real world and become an official adult.

Get out there and make the most of your years at SUNY Cortland! Here’s a list of five things near Cortland student housing you’ll want to do during your four (maybe five) years here.

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