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The Diminishing Value of a Degree

What’s the value of a degree? It’s tough to say exactly, but it certainly isn’t what it once was.

The message of necessity with regard to college is reinforced from the first day of elementary school to high school graduation. You must go to college. Without a college degree, you’ll be in trouble. It still holds true that college graduates typically have more earning power than those who don’t graduate college, but the rate of return on a degree isn’t what it once was.

Nationally, the cost of education is rising far faster than the expected salary of college graduates. Hear recent grads complaining about their loans? The complaints are only going to get louder and extend longer given the current trend.

No one denies that tuition and fees have exploded over the past decade. Every state is fighting the same battle.

We analyzed tuition and fees at four-year public schools nationally against the median salary for college graduates and found a troubling trend. Students are paying far more for their degrees without the same rate of return on salary once they graduate. We found the percentage of tuition and fees against the expected salary after graduation in 2005 and then compared it to 2015. Below is a reflection of the change in the percentage of tuition and fees over that 10-year span.
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Top 5 Bars at Pennsylvania State University

College is stressful; especially if you’re trying to find apartments near Penn State at the last minute. Sometimes, you need to leave those worries behind, take a break, and let loose. Whether you choose to hit the town on the weekend for a night out with friends or you need something to get you over the mid-week hump, these State College bars have you covered. With great happy hours and food specials, even you broke college students can ball on a budget at one of the five favored bars listed below.

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13 Best Kept Freshman Secrets at Texas A&M


Heading off to college is both a new and exciting experience! New territory means learning new things, which is great, but you don’t know, what you don’t know, right? For all incoming Texas A&M students here is a list of random, but important, things you should know that will help make the next four, or five, (or six) years of your life a little easier.

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7 Things For OSU Students To Do This Summer In Columbus


Classes, exams, reports, your entire school year is filled with academic responsibilities. On the flipside, it’s also filled with friends, countless parties, and endless activities. While you try to manage your busy life, it always seems like the school year is a super busy time. That’s where summer break comes in for the win every year. Staying in Columbus? Maybe your lease isn’t up, you got a job, or you simply want to stay in the city until next semester. When summer hits, school is over, and a majority of your friends are headed back home for the summer. So now what? That busy schedule of yours has drastically decreased. But that’s totally fine because you finally get to relax, and catch up on your latest Netflix binge, but you need ‘summer’ things to do. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered, here are few things for you to do in Columbus this summer!

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The Real Stories Behind the Indiana University Squirrels


If you go to Indiana University you probably know that squirrels are kind of a big deal on campus, and if you don’t know, now you know. What you probably didn’t know is that these squirrels are just like us. They have lives, hobbies, and interests too. So next time you’re on campus or around IU apartments, and you see one of these squirrels, stop and get to know them.

If you aren’t a follower of @squirrel_of_iu on Insta, we suggest you start!

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14 Things You Need To Do Before Graduating From Syracuse University


College is a time that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, and you’ll be creating some of the best memories that you’ll hold onto for a lifetime. It’s the last stop before you really have to “adult.” Every college campus is unique, and each has their own traditions. We’ve created a list of 15 different things that every college student attending Syracuse University needs to do before they graduate! So what are you waiting for? Get going on this list of absolute must-dos in Syracuse.

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5 Things K-State Students Love About Aggieville


Varneys, the local university bookstore in downtown manhattan, at sunset.

Varney’s in Downtown Manhattan at sunset.

Whether you live in Manhattan, Kansas or you’re just in town to cheer on the Wildcats, Aggieville is THE place to be if you find yourself in an apartments near Manhattan, KS .

So how did Aggieville come to be? Well, here’s a little history lesson for you. Back in the day, Aggieville didn’t quite look like the way it does now. In the 1800’s, dirt roads paved the way to Kansas State University, and the town was nothing more than a few fields and some houses scattered about. Seeing that cars weren’t invented, yet alone even an idea, a major inconvenience to students was having to take a buggy ride downtown to the bookstore. It was for this reason that in 1899, a group of students opened Varney’s Book Store on Moro Street, which paved the foundation of Aggieville.

Fast-forward 128 years and, today, Aggieville is a thriving shopping and entertainment district geared towards Kansas State students. Here are the top five things K-State students love about Aggieville.

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Landlords: A Look At 5 Popular Online Rent Collection Services

A lot of things in life can be difficult and time-consuming, like getting in shape, reading a book, and cleaning up after a party—that’s why there are supplements, SparkNotes and Shamwows. As human beings, we’ve life-hacked our way through the centuries in order to make the tedious things in life as simple as possible. It’s no surprise, then, that rent collection has recently entered the online realm and, in doing so, has become easier than ever.

We took a look at five popular online rent paying services landlords can use that make it fast and easy to get paid on time. But before we get to the tools that’ll make rent collection easier, it’s important to understand why collecting rent online is worth the effort.

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