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5 Hidden Bloomsburg Gems

When your campus is situated on a hill, it’s easy to feel like you’re stranded up in the clouds, attending classes and grinding through homework in your dorm while the rest of the world is partying down below (this wouldn’t be a problem if you found an apartments near Bloomsburg, but hey, it’s not like we’re suggesting anything…).

But you’re not the first Bloomsburg student to feel this way! And you deserve to take a break every once in awhile, don’t you? Of course you do. So check out our list of some hidden gems to explore in Bloomsburg when you’re not trapped inside studying.

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5 Things You Have To Do Before You Graduate From Bloomsburg University

Growing up, your parents always reminded you to “enjoy being young while you can, because time flies.” College is no different; time doesn’t stop just because you’re away at school. With your busy schedule, it can seem hard to make time for all the things you should experience while you’re young.

Our advice? Hit the breaks! Make the most of your years at Bloomsburg University. Live up your college years before you’re an official adult. And while you’re at it, make sure you check out these five things to do before you leave Bloomsburg for bigger and better things.

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The 5 Best Places To Grab Coffee & Breakfast in Bloomsburg

All those all-nighters and early morning classes can really drain your energy levels. And before there were Red Bulls and Five Hour Energies, we relied on good old fashioned coffee and some breakfast to get us going in the morning.

Luckily, the city of Bloomsburg is full of places to power up. Check out these five places around apartments near Bloomsburg if you’re in need of some extra motivation to get out of bed.

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6 Top Rated Bloomsburg Landlords

There is arguably no busier schedule than that of a college student. After all of that studying, working, exam taking and partying, there’s little time left to search for the perfect place.

We know you have a lot to worry about, and we’re here to help. We combed through tons of reviews and settled on a list of our top picks for landlords in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania for apartments near Bloomsburg

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