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UWL Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated La Crosse Landlords
Downtown La Crosse. (Flickr)

Downtown La Crosse. (Flickr)

La Crosse, Wisconsin is the definition of a college town. A large chunk of the population is students, a lot of the businesses and amenities of the city are meant to serve students, and there’s a downtown that is the stuff of legends.

There might be three colleges in town, but students and citizens know who runs the place: UW-La Crosse. We’ve surveyed the field and assembled a list of 10 realtors that provide the optimal housing options for UW-L students. Continue reading

UW-La Crosse: Food on a Budget
rudy's in la crosse

Rudy’s in La Crosse | Flickr

With all the money you’re spending on textbooks, rent, notebooks and everything else that matters to a college student beer, you need to find a place to save somewhere else. Food is that place. It’s crazy how much food costs, even in a smaller college town like La Crosse. Well, we’re here to help. We scoured Yelp and found the best places to eat near UWL off-campus housing food on a budget. Continue reading