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7 Things For OSU Students To Do This Summer In Columbus


Classes, exams, reports, your entire school year is filled with academic responsibilities. On the flipside, it’s also filled with friends, countless parties, and endless activities. While you try to manage your busy life, it always seems like the school year is a super busy time. That’s where summer break comes in for the win every year. Staying in Columbus? Maybe your lease isn’t up, you got a job, or you simply want to stay in the city until next semester. When summer hits, school is over, and a majority of your friends are headed back home for the summer. So now what? That busy schedule of yours has drastically decreased. But that’s totally fine because you finally get to relax, and catch up on your latest Netflix binge, but you need ‘summer’ things to do. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered, here are few things for you to do in Columbus this summer!

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Best Apartments for Students Near Ole Miss

Ole Miss Campus

Hey! Kudos to you for surviving your freshman (or sophomore, or junior, or first senior year, we’re not judging.) Now that you’re ready to think about getting out of your dorms and into an apartment to live in through the next segment of your college career, you have some choices to make, and Rent College Pads is here to make that transition a little smoother. Here, we put together the countdown of the top ten highest rated landlords in Oxford, MS to take the guesswork out of finding a place to sign for the upcoming year.

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The Top 10 Olympic Colleges & Universities in the U.S.

The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off last Friday with the opening ceremony in Rio De Janeiro, and since then, we couldn’t help but notice some of our favorite college athletes take the games by storm.

In celebration of this incredible talent and collegiate athletics across the nation, we thought it fitting to point the spotlight at some of the most decorated U.S. colleges and universities in the history of the Olympic games. We took a look at the numbers and compiled a list featuring the ten American colleges or universities with the most Olympic medals won by students, past or present. Continue reading