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Main Street Is The Best Place To Party At The University of Michigan
Main Street in Ann Arbor, MI

Main Street in Ann Arbor, MI (Flickr)

Partying is arguably as much a part of the college experience as all-nighters and changing your major too many times. It’s what gives college students that weekly release from the rigors of the syllabus. It keeps us sane.

Though parties are a popular pastime on any college campus, parties at a B1G Ten school like the University of Michigan are a whole different story, a story that revolves around one street in particular: Main Street. Continue reading

Dinkytown Has The Best Parties At The University of Minnesota
Dinkytown in Minneapolis, MN.

Dinkytown in Minneapolis, MN. (Flickr)

Go ahead and Google “Best College Bars Minnesota.” We’re fairly confident the results will point to one place: Dinkytown. There are few college spots in the US that claim the party fame as well as Dinkytown in Minneapolis. Though the origin of the name is debatable, there is no debate when it comes to the amount of fun to be had in the area between 6th Street and University Avenue. Continue reading

Michigan Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated Ann Arbor Landlords
Michigan Stadium at the University of Michigan

Michigan Stadium at the University of Michigan (flickr)

The hunt for the house or apartment can be a stressful time for any college student. Between balancing a heavy course load and trying to maintain a healthy social life, there isn’t a whole lot of time between those much-needed naps to go hunting for your dream place. That’s why we here at Rent College Pads have decided to help out the lucky students who attend the University of Michigan.

We sifted through hundreds of reviews of Ann Arbor apartments and properties management companies near campus and compiled a list of the top ten places to rent near the University of Michigan. Continue reading

Landlord Profile: Andre’s Syracuse University Apartments and Houses

Andre El-Amir has been serving Syracuse students for over 25 years with his Syracuse University apartments, but he’s been a member of the community for far longer.

El-Amir’s family emigrated from Syria when he was a child in 1970. He grew up on Lancaster Avenue and hasn’t strayed far since. Growing up in the shadow of Syracuse University, he learned skills from his carpenter father that would pay off a great deal later in life. El-Amir purchased his first house in 1989 and was able to kickstart his housing business ten years later. His biggest asset in the student housing business is the knowledge and ability to keep his properties well-maintained. Continue reading

Iowa State Off-Campus Housing: Top Rated Ames Landlords
Fall at Iowa State University

Fall at Iowa State University (Flickr)

High school was rough. And the expectation that your post-secondary years will be so incredible they’ll wash away any awkwardness you felt as that angsty teen can put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of a newly enrolled college student. If you want to make the most out of your college experience—and you also wouldn’t mind proving all the cronies back home that you have your ducks in a row— you’re going to want to start with the perfect apartment near Iowa State.

To relieve some of the pressure, we skimmed through hundreds of reviews on Facebook and Google and settled on a list of the ten highest rated landlords near Iowa State University. Continue reading

Minnesota State Off-Campus Housing: Ten Top Rated Mankato Landlords
The Minnesota State, Mankato campus.

The Minnesota State, Mankato campus.


Rent MSU caters to students with a variety of houses and apartments within walking distance to the Minnesota State University campus. Many of the positive reviews highlight the attentive staff. One reviewer noted that she’d moved two separate daughters into Rent MSU buildings, which is a great sign that this company is doing something right. Continue reading

State College Apartments: Five Top Rated Penn State Landlords
Old Main at Penn State

Old Main at Penn State (Flickr)

As past and current students, we understand the challenges associated with finding the right off-campus housing at Penn State. However, it’s critical to remember that finding the right place is just as important as finding the right landlord. Whether it’s a friend-of-a-friend or property management team, all landlords should abide by a similar set of standards to offer their tenant’s the best living experience possible.

With this in mind, we combed through hundreds of apartments and property management companies near the Penn State campus and created a list of the five highest rated landlords in State College. Continue reading

Top Rated Morgantown Landlords: WVU Off-Campus Housing
Fall in Morgantown, WV

Fall in Morgantown, WV (Flickr)

The average college student has a lot of monumental decisions to make, from deciding which bio lecture they want to take to what toppings they’re going to order on that two a.m. pizza. All of these decisions might be crucial aspects of life on campus, but none of them can make or break a college experience like choosing a place to live.

To help make that choice a little easier, we ran through a list of apartments near WVU and property management companies near the West Virginia campus and settled on the ten best landlords in Morgantown based on their Google reviews. Continue reading

UWL Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated La Crosse Landlords
Downtown La Crosse. (Flickr)

Downtown La Crosse. (Flickr)

La Crosse, Wisconsin is the definition of a college town. A large chunk of the population is students, a lot of the businesses and amenities of the city are meant to serve students, and there’s a downtown that is the stuff of legends.

There might be three colleges in town, but students and citizens know who runs the place: UW-La Crosse. We’ve surveyed the field and assembled a list of 10 realtors that provide the optimal housing options for UW-L students. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Know You Went To Penn State University
Penn State's Beaver Stadium

Penn State’s Beaver Stadium (Flickr)

Besides the inevitable search for apartments near Penn State, there are a few things that every Penn Stater should see and do throughout the academic year. You know you went to Penn State if you’ve experienced one, or all, of these ten things.

1. There’s no better place to be on a fall Saturday than Beaver Stadium

It’s the house Paterno built. It’s ninety thousand people wearing Navy and White and cheering for one of the country’s most prestigious college sports programs. It’s seeing the Nittany Lion run up and down the sidelines. It’s regularly considered one of the top college game day experiences in the country. It’s getting fired up just by hearing the words “We Are.” You simply can’t describe what it’s like to attend a Penn State football game; it’s something you just have to experience. Continue reading