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Top 10 Landlords in Philadelphia Near Temple University

Here at College Pads, we understand your off-campus house hunting struggles. After sifting through what seemed like a gazillion properties, you’ve finally narrowed it down to your top choices. If you’re a first-time renter, you may not have thought about all that goes into choosing a place. Have you looked into the landlord’s credibility? Sure, that place may look great, but when you are leasing a place off-campus, you should think about way more than just looks! To be on the safe side, take a look at our picks for the top-rated landlords in Philadelphia for off-campus housing near Temple University. We searched high and low to bring you the best landlords near Temple so you don’t have to!

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Know Your Neighborhood: Temple University

Finding off-campus housing near Temple University can be a bit…tedious. There are so many different neighborhoods to choose from in Philadelphia leaving you with hundreds of options to sort through. You can view all of them on our Temple University off-campus housing map page.

With the price of rent and amenities taking priority in your mind (and wallet), it can be easy to overlook everything a neighborhood has to offer. So we did some digging and found the common crimes in popular neighborhoods around Philadelphia. Take a look and make a well informed renting decision. Continue reading

Temple University: 10 Top Philadelphia Landlords

temple off-campus housing

Temple in downtown Philadelphia. (Flickr)

Everyone is familiar with the horrors of finding a new living arrangement while you’re enrolled in college. There are numerous tales of roommates eating your food and destroying your sleeping habits, the upstairs neighbors who practice league bowling the early hours of the morning, and even something as simple as getting a room the size of your roommate’s closet. All of these are nightmare problems that you wish you would’ve known about. But it doesn’t have to be that way when you look for Temple off-campus housing. There are plenty of quality Temple University off-campus housing with great landlords out there ready to provide you with a place that’s comfortable.

Because we understand the struggles you’re going through; we’ve done our best to make finding your next Temple apartment or house for rent much easier. We researched apartment/house rental property companies around the Philadelphia area near Temple and used their Google Review/Yelp/Whatever Review Service People Actually Left Reviews On scores to give you ten that stand out. Continue reading