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6 Top Rated Charlottesville Landlords: Virginia Off-Grounds Housing
university of virginia

When you attend a school that looks this beautiful, you deserve to go home to a nice place too. (Flckr)

Like moths to one of those excruciating bug zappers, it seems like students can’t help but be lured into a lease by the glimmer of a discounted security deposit and some stale doughnuts at the front of a rental office—free food gets us every time. But free stuff doesn’t always equate to a smart long-term decision when it comes to UVA off-grounds housing.

11 months down the line, you learn that you will not be receiving a dime of that “discounted” security deposit (though you’re pretty sure you left the place spotless), and those doughnuts hardly seem worth it anymore. If it’s happened to you, there’s a good chance it’s probably happened to someone else, and what better way to avoid the mistakes of our peers than by reading their hard-hitting testimonies online. Continue reading

10 Top Rated College Landlords Near Ohio State University


A wise man once said, “Renting is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Or something like that. You may think you’ve found the perfect place when searching for OSU off-campus housing—the photos on the website seem bright and cheery, the rooms look huge, and all in all, it seems too good to be true. Months later, you arrive on move-in day, cardboard boxes in tow, only to realize that it was. You’re greeted by a family of roaches, a mysterious smell, and the faint whisper of your conscience telling you you’ve made a huge mistake.

Thank goodness for Google, where anyone and everyone can post about their experiences, good or bad, for the world to see.

If you’re looking for OSU apartments or Ohio State houses for rent but are wary of buyer’s remorse, don’t fret. We took the work out of the screening process and compiled a list of some of the highest rated places to rent near campus. We crawled through Google reviews and found the highest rated landlords with at least five reviews on Google.

Here are the top five apartments or property management companies in Columbus near Ohio State: Continue reading

The 10 Most Tortured College Sports Campuses

Everyone has a different idea about what makes a sports city tortured. Do their teams need to reach the championship and fall just short every year? Or is it a more torturous experience to start every year without those new season title hopes and dreams?

52 years came and went without a team in Cleveland bringing home a championship. Much was made about the Cavaliers finally winning a title behind LeBron James’s virtuoso performance as June wound down. The prodigal son had returned and taken the team where no one had in generations. Finally, the curse was lifted. Cleveland exorcised its spirits. The Land would come off the lists of most tortured sports cities.

ESPN published a Sports Misery Index not long after Cleveland’s big win. Now that Cleveland was off the list, which town is currently battling the most demons? The current, uh, champion? San Diego.

It’s hard to argue with author Bill Barnwell’s logic, but it’s also hard to lament the struggles of a town greeted with sunshine and seventy-degree weather every day. The runner up is Buffalo. We can get on board with Buffalo. Continue reading