Our 5 Favorite Bars Near Syracuse University

Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge

College life goes beyond all the classwork and sleepless nights; it’s a time to meet new people and create memories that will last you a lifetime! Things like Friday nights and “Cuse” wins call for a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than by heading the bars, of course!

We all know Marshall Street and Armory Square are popular hangout spots near Syracuse University Apartments , but the city of Syracuse has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. Here are the top five places to eat and drink near Syracuse University.


1. Faegan’s
734 South Crouse Avenue

Selected as one of the top college bars by several publications, including Business Insider, Faegan’s has made itself a Syracuse staple since opening its doors in 1978. Whether you want to grab a quick lunch with friends or have a wild night out, there’s always a perfect time of day or night to enjoy yourself at Faegan’s!

Faegan’s has a large menu with an even larger beer selection. On Tuesdays during the school year, students can partake in four different World Beer tours, each featuring a different list of selected beers. If you’re able to complete the tour, you’ll be a part of Faegan’s history for the rest of time—your name and graduation year get engraved on a Faegan’s World Beer Tour Plaque!

Aside from the tour, Wednesday Flip Night is the most popular special at Faegan’s. The bartender flips a coin, and if you call it correctly your drink is free! May the odds be ever in your favor.


2. Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge

321 S. Clinton St.

Can’t decide what you want to drink? Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge features a wall of liquor choices so extensive that the bartenders need a ladder to access the top rows.

Imported from around the world, Al’s has the largest selection of wines and whiskey in Syracuse. Pair your perfect drink with a selection of artisan cheeses, meats, and a specialty menu that include items like paninis.

In addition to food and drinks, Al’s features weekly trivia nights every Monday and hosts several live music nights throughout the week, ranging indie groups to jazz. Make sure to check out their events calendar for an updated list!


3. Laci’s Tapas Bar
304 Hawley Ave

If you’re looking for a more intimate option, check out Laci’s Tapas Bar! Laci’s features an ever-changing menu of chef-crafted tapas that both carnivores and herbivores would enjoy. The food is fantastic, and it accompanies a lengthy beer, wine, and cocktail list.

Laci’s has so many options to choose from, you won’t be able to resist coming back to try the rest of the menu. The best thing about Laci’s—besides the food, of course—is the atmosphere. You can enjoy conversations with friends and actually hear one another, versus hanging at a rowdy, crowded bar. Be sure to plan ahead and make a reservation online, this place books fast!

4. Orange Crate Brewing Company
731 S Crouse Ave

The Orange Crate Brewing Co. has been through one heck of a metamorphosis over the years, including more than a few name changes—The Olive, The Orange, Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar to name a few. The bar has been revamped into the Orange Crate Brewing Company and is now getting a new home. Orange Crate will be moving to the space that used to be Bruegger’s Bagels and hopes to open its doors again on August 1st.

The bar is the home of the original Fish Bowl up on the hill and is known for its great wings, making it the perfect place to go before and after any Syracuse game. Students will always remember Lucy’s but have fully supported Orange Crate’s owner, RC, in his new expedition.


5. Harry’s Bar
700 S Crouse Ave

Harry’s Bar is your quintessential college dive bar. It’s a great place to pregame before a Syracuse game and an even better place to celebrate a win! Grab some wings, pizza, a pitcher—or two—and you’re all set!

Drinks at Harry’s are priced right, and there’s always great food and drink specials to take advantage of during the week. Throughout the year Harry’s even hosts fun events where you can win prizes like FREE bar tabs. Simply put, Harry’s is a great place for students to come together and have a drink near the Syracuse campus.


Did we miss your favorite spot? Comment below and let us know the best place to indulge near campus.

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