10 Reasons You Know You Went To Syracuse University

A hefty plate of food from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, NY (Flickr)

1. There’s only one Grocery store that has your heart: Wegman’s

Native to the upper east coast, Wegman’s offers a wide selection of food, household items, floral supplies, and anything else you could ever want or need. Whether you’re grabbing some ready-to-eat pizza or hunting for the best deals on organic food, Wegman’s is your grocery chain of choice if you’re a student attending Syracuse University. The crowds might drive off some, but the amazing sushi rolls will have you clamoring for this store when you’re back home for the holidays.

2. You have enough warm clothing to hike a mountain

Syracuse students love to brag about their tolerance for cold weather, and the University has the facts to back it up. In its long and illustrious history (146 years and counting), the University has canceled classes only twice. If you’re a student at SU, you’ve most likely taken that long haul up the hill, bundled like you’re preparing for a long and harsh winter. The only downside to this is how hot it feels once you finally make it to your lecture.

3. You want to eat from the Frankentree

The brainchild of Sam Van Aken, an art professor at Syracuse University, the Frankentree bears forty different types of stone-pitted fruit, including peaches, nectarines, and even almonds. Van Aken created the tree by a process called “grafting,” and the beautiful creation blooms in various seasons and hues. All of this work breathed life to quite possibly the most delicious art project the University has ever seen.

4. You’ve indulged at Dinosaur B-B-Q

With sauces to die for and a selection of live music, Dinosaur B-B-Q is popular with students and alumni alike. The franchise may have blossomed into other areas of the US, but its roots will always be in Syracuse, NY. Upon opening its first joint in 1988, Dinosaur’s proximity to campus and tasty bar-b-que dishes attracted a generous number of college students, and once it turned into a full-fledged bar and grill, the rest came running. If you’re a student at Syracuse, be sure to add your name to the list of those who have demolished a half rack of ribs at Dinosaur.

5. Your favorite bars have first names

Syracuse University often makes the list of top party schools in the country, and the students that go there can undoubtedly handle their fair share of drinking. On any given night or weekend, SU students crowd the neighborhood bars, many of which are known solely by the owners’ first names. Whether you’re stopping by Harry’s to pay the five dollar cover, going to Faegan’s for “Flip Night” on Wednesday, or grabbing a Fishbowl from Lucy’s (technically The Orange now, but it’s still Lucy’s to us), you will become well-acquainted with these cherished establishments. Oh, and you’ve probably heard about Chuck’s a million times, and it’s the first place you should stop on your 21st birthday—just don’t forget to write your name on the wall.

6. You physically love the Carrier Dome

Every student that goes to Syracuse is nothing short of enthusiastic when it comes to college basketball. Sure, students love to tailgate for football games, but we all know that there’s a good chance they may not make it to the stadium for kickoff. Basketball, on the other hand, is on another level at Syracuse, and you’re going to want to get as close to the action as you can. The atmosphere on campus is electric as you know the team is going to be making a deep push into April. Even if you know nothing about basketball, you know that you bleed Orange.

7. You’ve Instagrammed a picture from the water towers

Located atop a hill near the Manley Training Center, the water towers offer a breathtaking view of the university. They are accessible by a service road that leads up the hill, and you can find people frequently walking their dogs or going for a run near the structures. It’s an easy climb to get on top of the towers, but be warned—it’s highly frowned upon by law enforcement. If you’re a rebel without cause or the victim of a late night dare, just remember to be careful, and pick the right filter for your photo.

8. You partied at Castle Court

Castle Court, an area populated by some of the biggest fraternity and sorority houses, is a legendary party spot at Syracuse University. If there’s something to pre-game or a reason to celebrate, you can bet there’s going to be a massive get-together at Castle Court. In light of its reputation, law enforcement is beginning to crack down on parties in the area, but since when has that stopped college kids?

9. You’ve got your tickets to Mayfest

Mayfest is the biggest year-end celebration put on by the University in Walnut Park. Previous block parties have featured some pretty big names in music, with The Chainsmokers and Chance the Rapper headlining Mayfest 2016. Castle Court has historically gone all out for the event and has even gotten Red Bull to sponsor one of their legendary bashes.

10. You love Otto

To students of any other school, it seems foolish. To adults who aren’t alumni, it seems childish. To you, it just seems right. You love Otto, the circular, smiling, anthropomorphic Orange. Every time you see him it warms your heart and instills a sense of pride that only SU students have. Whether he’s accompanying the team on game day or making an appearance at a campus event, Otto is sure to brighten your day.

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