Should You Rent A House or Apartment Near Ohio State University?

Living in the dorms is a lot of fun … for like the first semester. After a few months of being policed by RAs, sharing a bedroom with a stranger, and hearing literally everything your neighbors are doing next door, you’re going to be jumping at the opportunity to live off-campus in Columbus next year. Once you finally get the chance to live off-campus, you need to ask yourself one very important question: Are you planning on living in a house or an apartment near OSU?

If you’ve never lived off-campus before, you may not know what the big differences are between the types of OSU housing available to you (i.e. houses vs apartments). That’s why we decided to make you a cheat sheet to help you figure out which option is best for you. 


Rent an apartment if:
You’re willing to chip in the extra bucks for a little comfort and convenience. You want to live in a place that has crazy features, like a resort-style swimming pool, free tanning, or a 24-hour fitness center—you’re not going to find features like that from the rental houses in Columbus, Ohio. Some people might think that’s a little high maintenance, but hey, you like what you like, and those are the same people that will be asking you to come over for a dip in the pool when they realize they don’t have air conditioning.

You’ll want to rent a house if:
The only features you want from your next rental are your own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Your mom taught you the value of a dollar, and while having access to a resort-style pool or a sand volleyball court would be nice (sigh), you know that you wouldn’t use it as much as you’d like to justify the cost. Mom would be proud. 


You’ll want to rent an apartment if:
You’re trying to ball on a budget. Sure, there are a good amount of luxury apartment complexes that are super expensive, but there are also way more Columbus apartments that are reasonably priced with many things included in the rent. Plus, when you live in an apartment, you’ll be saving money on utilities, or better yet, getting them for free. 

You’ll want to rent a house if:
Your dad taught you to wear a sweater if you’re cold and turn the lights off after leaving a room. Renting a house can sometimes seem like the cheaper option rent-wise, but most homes for rent in Columbus, Ohio don’t include utilities, so if you’re not careful about how much water you’re using or how high you set the thermostat, you can expect an obscenely high utility bill at the end of the month. Especially during those cold Columbus winters.
For tips about how to save money on utilities, check out our post about tips and tricks for keeping your utility bills low here


You’ll want to rent an apartment if:
You want to be as close to all the action that the city has to offer. Maybe you don’t have a car, or you prefer walking in general, but apartments tend to be closer to different attractions than the houses for rent in Columbus.  If you’re drawn to the hustle and bustle and find the city sirens to be nothing more than comforting white noise, then an apartment is for you. 

You’ll want to rent a house if:
You’re a social butterfly and need room to throw parties host study sessions. While apartments have their perks, once you have more than one or two people over at the same time it starts to feel a little cramped. If you value your privacy, like to turn up the music, and don’t appreciate neighbors banging on the walls for you to pipe down, then a house will suit you just fine.

So, what are you going to choose? An apartment or house near Ohio State University?

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