Kansas State: The 5 Most Popular Houses For Rent In Manhattan, KS.

If you’ve been dreaming of the day you’ll finally be able to move out of the dorms and into one of the houses for rent in Manhattan, KS, know that living off-campus is everything you could have dreamed of and more. Living in off-campus at Kansas State means you’ll no longer have to wait outside your room because your roommate put a sock on the door, or do an awkward shuffle to your RA’s room in your towel because you accidentally locked yourself out. Sure, there’s a little more responsibility on your end (trash/dishes/etc), but it’s also way cheaper than living in the dorms. Rentals in Manhattan, KS usually range anywhere from about $300 – $600 a month per person depending on what type of rental you choose.

When you’ve never lived outside of the safety net of the dorms, you may be a little overwhelmed at the idea of finding a place to rent, which is totes understandable since there are over 250 different apartments and houses for rent in Manhattan, KS on College Pads to choose from

Curious to know what houses are the most popular for Kansas State students? Well, step this way because we’ve got the inside scoop. Check out the list of the top five most popular houses for rent in Manhattan, KS for students at Kansas State University below. 

415 N 16th Street

This cute three-bed, one-bath rental is one of the most popular houses for rent in Manhattan, KS on College Pads, and for good reason. It has private parking, an in-unit washer & dryer, spacious bedrooms, and most importantly, it’s affordable. Be sure to check out this affordable house and see for yourself! 

1107 Bertrand Street

This modern rental is located just six minutes from the Kansas State campus, perfect for students who don’t want to wake up early to commute to class. This three-bed, two-bath duplex is beautifully designed and has spacious bedrooms and stainless steel kitchen appliances. Be sure to check out this beautiful rental and see for yourself! 

909 Kearney St

With three beds and two baths, this huge campus rental is perfect for students looking to have a place where they can have a friend or three over. But size isn’t all that matters here, folks. Students also love it because it’s got beautiful interiors and it’s affordable! Be sure to check out this great place for yourself! 

1011 Moro St

This place is not your typical college house—it’s gorgeous on the inside and has an open floorplan, so you’ll never feel like you’re living in a shoebox! With three beds and two baths, this Manhattan rental is perfect for students looking to live with a few close friends. If it’s available when you’re looking to live off-campus at Kansas State, do yourself a favor and reach out to the landlord.

923 Vattier Street

Unlike most rentals on our list, this place can be rented out by the bedroom, so you can either live on your own or partner up with a few close friends to take over the entire unit. This rental is super close to Kansas State, so it’s perfect for students who want a short commute to class. Be sure to check out this great place for yourself! 

How We Determined The Most Popular Houses in Manhattan, KS 

We did a bit of digging into our numbers to see what houses in Manhattan, KS had the most students reach out to landlords in the past year. The ranking only includes rentals that have been listed on College Pads in the last year.

What house on our most popular list was your favorite? Comment your favorite house below!

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