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Vermont Off-Campus Housing: 5 Top Rated Burlington Landlords
It gets snowy in Vermont. Be prepared. (Flickr)

It gets snowy in Vermont. Be prepared. (Flickr)

It’s that time of year again to start looking for a new place to live. Trust us, we know this may be your least favorite thing to do before school begins. Even at a school as beautiful as the University of Vermont, trudging through campus to find a place can be a pain. However, worry not, because this guide will help you to find the best landlords to rent Vermont off-campus housing from in Burlington this next year.

As past and present students ourselves, we understand the importance of finding the right landlord. We’ve all been there and signed a lease in which we made the mistake of not doing any research. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a new move with the realization that the kitchen doesn’t have a stove installed. One thing you’ll learn quick is whether or not you’ve moved into a place run by a bad landlord. Continue reading

Best Apartments for University of Alabama Students
alabama off-campus housing

The Alabama band showing some school spirit before a game.

Breaking free from the rules and restrictions in place during your stay in the dorms is an exciting time in a student’s life at the University of Alabama. But finding the right place is a rude awakening. Moving is fun, but figuring out where you’re doing to move has always involved months of research, working to gather up friends for showings and ultimately an unsatisfying process for finding a new apartment in Tuscaloosa. We’re trying to make the process for finding UA off-campus housing easier.

We’ve simplified the Alabama off-campus housing research process and combed through hundreds of Google reviews for apartments and property management companies near the University of Alabama campus. Instead of you having to spend weeks researching houses for rent in Tuscaloosa, we’ll show you the landlords that other Alabama students are raving about.

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When should you look for an Indiana apartment near IUP?
iup off campus housing

The beautiful Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

The journey into moving off campus at Indiana University in Pennsylvania into a house or Indiana apartment can be a stressful one, whether you are an undergrad student looking to go off campus for the first time, or a graduate student looking for that nice apartment to spend time in while you study for school.

But we can help out. With the right tools (ahem, Rent College Pads’s IUP off-campus housing listings) and a little knowledge about when to search to make sure you get the place you’ve always wanted, the stress of apartment or house hunting all fades right away. Continue reading

The Top 10 UW-Madison Athletes to Follow
Bucky Badger, directing fans to follow all these guys on Twitter. (Flickr)

Bucky Badger, directing fans to follow all these guys on Twitter. (Flickr)

There aren’t many better follows when you’re a college student than the athletes you watch tear it up on the field or the court. NCAA football and basketball players have been responsible for some of the great tweets of our time over the past ten years, so we thought we’d highlight the UW-Madison athletes with the most Twitter followers. Continue reading

When should you look for a Charlottesville apartment near UVA?

apartments or houses in Charlottesville near UVA

Undergraduate Students

As we approach the upcoming fall semester, the search for housing at the University of Virginia begins. With a peak number of off-grounds housing searches starting in September, it’s best to start looking immediately after summer vacation.

The highest number of searches range from September to October before plummeting in activity by over 50% in November. Therefore, it’s important to start your search early this year in order to secure proper housing for next year, especially if you’re looking for an apartment or house in Charlottesville with enough bedrooms for three or four friends.

Therefore, it’s important to start your search early this year in order to secure proper housing for next year, especially if you’re looking for an Charlottesville apartment with enough bedrooms for three or four friends.

Houses and apartments with higher bedroom counts almost always get leased up first. So act fast. Continue reading

When should you look for Ohio State off-campus housing?

ohio stateMaybe you just got into The Ohio State University as a third-year transfer. Or maybe you’re a sophomore who’ll finally get to move out of the dorms next year. Regardless, if this is your first experience looking for  OSU off campus housing, you may be uncertain about when you should start looking for the upcoming year.

We’ve got you covered.

Undergraduate Students

As fall approaches, the search for Columbus apartments and houses near Ohio State begins.

If you’re a student looking for off-campus housing this year, you might want to begin your search soon. Undergraduate students typically begin to look for housing options in September before reaching its peak number of searches in October. The highest activity in off-campus housing searches falls between the months of September and November before significantly declining by approximately 50% in January.

ohio state off-campus housing searches Continue reading

BGSU Off-Campus Housing: 5 Top Rated Bowling Green Landlords
Bowling Green State University's campus. Very orange. (Flickr)

Bowling Green State University’s campus. Very orange. (Flickr)

The average college student has a lot of tough choices to make: Deciding which bio lecture to take, selecting which fraternity/sorority they want to pledge too, and even choosing which filter is right for that 2 a.m. Snapchat headed back home towards an ex.

All these choices might be important to the college lifestyle, but none of them can make or break your experience like choosing where to live off campus.

To make that choice a little easier for students at Bowling Green State University, we’ve decided to run through a list of property management companies and apartments in Bowling Green around campus. We searched through Google maps and have selected the top five based on their star rankings and pulled out a few choice reviews for your reading pleasure.

Oh, and by the way, choose the dog filter. Continue reading

The Top 10 Olympic Colleges & Universities in the U.S.

The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off last Friday with the opening ceremony in Rio De Janeiro, and since then, we couldn’t help but notice some of our favorite college athletes take the games by storm.

In celebration of this incredible talent and collegiate athletics across the nation, we thought it fitting to point the spotlight at some of the most decorated U.S. colleges and universities in the history of the Olympic games. We took a look at the numbers and compiled a list featuring the ten American colleges or universities with the most Olympic medals won by students, past or present. Continue reading

Bloomington, Indiana Rentals: Top Indiana University Landlords

Apartment rental companies don’t always have the most sterling reputations. However, there are good ones out there. Fear not, future apartment dweller, there’s a place for you that has good pricing and will not screw you out of your security deposit for an extra buck.

Why go through the heartache of dealing with a terrible landlord that does not get back to you about fixing issues? Why rent from an owner that cares more about getting someone new in than taking care of his or her current tenants? There are a lot of people out there that have gone through the heartaches already, and their experiences can help guide you.

indiana university off campus housing

What time is it at Indiana’s campus? Time to find an apartment that doesn’t rip you off. (Flickr)

We sifted through landlords with multiple reviews online and found the most consistently high rated apartments and houses to rent near the Indiana University-Bloomington campus. Continue reading

Illinois State Off-Campus Housing: 5 Top Rated Normal Landlords
illinois state off campus housing

Illinois State University, located in Normal, Illinois. (Flickr)

When looking for ISU off-campus housing, naturally, you’ll want to get some feedback from people who have lived there before. But it’s not always easy to know which recommendations you can trust.

Your friend will tell you that his sketchy landlord withheld his entire security deposit, but he’ll fail to mention that he shattered a window and punched a hole in the wall during a party that got out of control. Or you’ll see a 5-star rave review in which the reviewer seems suspiciously happy with their $200 studio (probably written by the landlord’s best friend).

Luckily, we’ve scoured all of the Google reviews for you and compiled a credible list of the top rated landlords near Illinois State. Although they rent out properties in Normal, we assure you that these five landlords are truly exceptional. We combed through hundreds of Google reviews for apartments and property management companies near the Illinois State campus. Continue reading