Vermont Off-Campus Housing: 5 Top Rated Burlington Landlords
It gets snowy in Vermont. Be prepared. (Flickr)

It gets snowy in Vermont. Be prepared. (Flickr)

It’s that time of year again to start looking for a new place to live. Trust us, we know this may be your least favorite thing to do before school begins. Even at a school as beautiful as the University of Vermont, trudging through campus to find a place can be a pain. However, worry not, because this guide will help you to find the best landlords to rent Vermont off-campus housing from in Burlington this next year.

As past and present students ourselves, we understand the importance of finding the right landlord. We’ve all been there and signed a lease in which we made the mistake of not doing any research. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a new move with the realization that the kitchen doesn’t have a stove installed. One thing you’ll learn quick is whether or not you’ve moved into a place run by a bad landlord.

To avoid having a similar situation, here are a few key factors to look for when researching landlords in Burlington:

  1. Fixes maintenance issues in a timely manner
  2. Easy to get in contact with
  3. Respects tenant’s privacy by giving advanced notice before coming over
  4. Listens to tenant’s concerns with the property
  5. Knows the law and what party is responsible for what in maintaining the household
  6. Treats tenants with respect

Every landlord is different when it comes to how they handle repairs and the way they interact with their tenants, so in order to have the best experience possible, here are the landlords you might want to consider when you’re looking for a Burlington apartment near UVM:

1. Redstone Commercial Group

As proprietors of on-campus and off-campus apartments, the Redstone team knows a thing or two about taking care of students. They’ve accumulated a 4.5 rating with over 60 Google reviews for their upperclassmen populated on-campus Redstone Lofts and have additional residences available for students who are looking to head further into downtown Burlington in the Redstone Apartments. Redstone’s been serving student renters for over 15 years.

Our favorite review (this review is on the Restone Lofts):

“I very much enjoyed my time at the Lofts. I lived in the South building for two years in a two bedroom apartment with my roommate. The convenience of the Lofts is second to none. I really enjoyed the amenities, including the fitness center and the Lantern. The Lofts are a great alternative to downtown student housing, which is notoriously known for being in disrepair. I also appreciated how quickly any issues within the apartment were dealt with (e.g., squeaking doors, loud washer/dryer, etc.). Overall, the Lofts are a great place to live for upperclassmen who want to live close to campus, have access to amenities, and prefer a quieter but still social living environment.”

2. Jackson Terrace Apartments

As the best rated off-campus housing in the area, the Jackson Terrace Apartments is run by Jack and Debbie Dubrul. Recognized for being fair, genuine, and responsive, this duo sets the bar for what makes a good landlord. Although the housing is not always perfect, their on-site maintenance man, Kyle, fixes everything in a timely manner. Most of the reviews posted about these apartments list the staff by name, therefore, you can tell that they are very hands on with their tenants.

If you’re looking for a landlord that treats the leasing process less like a business and more like a close-knit professional relationship, we highly recommend this property.

Here is a review from a previous tenant:

“I moved to Burlington with my wife and we were lucky to find this place. Debbie and Jack are amazing landlords. Careful, considerate, they are everyday around there, always fixing everything on time, replying to concerns very fast (no email went without a reply within 24 hours max), always fun chatting with them. What else can one say about these landlords? I can only wish all landlords would be like this. We rented a 1 bedroom apartment, which was big enough for our staff which fitted in a 2 bedroom apartment previously. When we got it, it was spotless clean. You can get them cleaner than that! Kyle, the maintenance person is just a friendly, amazingly professional guy. The apartments have all the amenities you may want and if you’re on the ground floor you also get a nice patio-useful from spring to autumn. The parking lot is very large and you’ll always find parking. Heat is controlled by the tenants via thermostat in the apartment (I like it warm and this was great). Great community – we’ve made a lot of friends in the building. Noise – on the parking side, you can’t hear anything. Great walk to the lake (5 min), to stores (fresh market, Myers’ Bagels nearby), and to downtown (15 min. walk). Too bad we changed jobs and had to leave this location.”   

3. Golden Place Apartments

Known for providing excellent service to tenants, the Golden Place Apartments are highly rated by tenants for being a quiet and peaceful area with friendly staff who are always available to answer any questions and concerns. Being able to address concerns in a knowledgeable and effective manner is something this leasing office is no stranger to.

Our favorite review:

“I lived at Golden Place for two years and would have stayed longer if I had a reason to stay in Burlington. The management was always helpful and courteous. I really appreciated that the specific fines that would be associated with any type of damage were clearly delineated in my security deposit agreement before I moved in. I knew exactly what charge I would incur for anything that was wrong at move-out, and I actually got most of my deposit back (which I’ve heard is a rarity, and has been in my personal experience).” 

4. Burlington Rental Property: Doug Boyden

Highly rated by previous tenants, Doug seems very popular for being genuine, easy to get in contact with, and prompt to address concerns. He is eager to listen to any concerns that tenants may have to upkeep his properties and keep his tenants happy. Treating his business in a professional and friendly manner is something that is important to him and is highly respected and appreciated by all of his tenants.

Our favorite review:

Doug Boyden: A+ awesome, would rent from again. He’s easy to get in touch with and cares for your concerns. And he’s just plain nice.” 

5 (Tie). Little Eagle Bay

Primarily known for its location, Little Eagle Bay is a prime spot for access to shopping locations, parks, and beaches. To make this property even more appealing, it’s also well known for having a kind and helpful staff. With an on-site property manager, all problems are addressed in an effective and timely manner.

This is the perfect complex for those looking for a convenient and affordable Burlington location. Restaurants, banks, grocery store, and parks are within walking distance. Located directly on bike path and with easy access to wonderful sandy beaches. Hard to beat this location and prize in Burlington! The staff is also kind and helpful which is a huge bonus.”

5 (Tie). The Woolen Mill

With 24/7 on-site maintenance, tenants at the Woolen Mill are well taken care of by a respectful staff that promptly address concerns. With the supply of this fast, friendly, and effective service, the tenants are kept happy in this business-like environment.

Our favorite review:

“Have lived in many apartment buildings over the years and find the Woolen Mill to be among the best. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Maintenance is always prompt. Security in the building is very good. Yes, there are noise issues at times, but staff deals with them swiftly. Electric heat is expensive but there are ways to conserve and limit costs. Budget plan with Power Company. Putting plastic on your windows. Winooski is a wonderful town and being in the center of it the woolen mill is a great place to live.” 

And there they are, the top 5 recommended landlords in the Burlington area. Hopefully, this will serve as a guide for you when looking at potential houses for next year. Don’t forget to do your research; the time you spend on this is an investment for a better Vermont off-campus living experience.

Interested in seeing more? Check out the complete list of UVM off-campus housing.

Good luck!

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