How To Take Advantage Of Lake Ontario At SUNY Oswego

Lake Ontario (flickr)

If you’re planning on attending SUNY Oswego this year, there’s one thing you shouldn’t neglect: Lake Ontario! Bordering Oswego to the north an expanding for miles in every direction, it seems like one of the world’s largest freshwater bodies of water would be impossible to miss. But you’d be surprised at how many Oswego students don’t know about all the wonderful activities happening at the water’s edge (and on the water’s surface, and beneath the water… but we’ll get to that shortly).

Since you’re going to need a relaxing break from searching for apartments and houses for rent near SUNY Oswego at some point, we’ve created a list of just some of the great things Lake Ontario has to offer its college residents.

  1. Check Out What Wright’s Landing Marina Has To Offer

There are lots of different marinas located on Lake Ontario, but Wright’s isn’t a bad place to start! They’ve got everything you need for a day on the water — if you’re lucky enough to know someone who owns a boat (most of us aren’t), you can launch it from here, but it’s more likely that you’ll be renting kayaks from the marina for weekend water-based excursions. If you’re the fishing type, they’ve got fish cleaning stations, too. Check it out while you’re down there!

  1. Go For A Dip at Flat Rock

Question: what’s the best part about swimming in lakes? Answer: you don’t have to worry about choking on salt water when you go for a dive. This is certainly true of Lake Ontario, which is known for its clean fresh water. Why not take some of your friends down to some of the many beaches near Ontario? Our personal favorite beach has been part-formally, part-informally named Flat Rock, for its many smooth, flat stones that line its shores. It’s right near the SUNY Oswego campus, along the shore at the end of 6th avenue. Be careful when you’re out here, as there aren’t any lifeguards, and swimming is at your own risk.

  1. Love The Water… By Being Under The Water

We all know swimming is an option. But when it comes to lakes, most of us don’t think about diving down to the lake bed and exploring. Thankfully, someone else has already thought of that and is making the experience a reality for curious divers everywhere! There are lots of incredible historical shipwrecks at the bottom of Lake Ontario, and you can go scuba diving to explore them up-close. Take advantage of the opportunity when you’re not busy cramming for finals (which are sure to be less interesting than 19th century shipwrecks).

  1. Tear It Up At Harborfest

Okay, so we’ll admit that this doesn’t have much to do specifically with Lake Ontario… but with a name like Harborfest, it’s safe to say it was lake-inspired! Every summer, Oswego hosts Harborfest, which features rides, live music, great food and lots more. The festival has had free admission ever since its inception in 1988, which is something every college student can appreciate. If you’re completely waterlogged from Ontario, take a break and check out Harborfest.

  1. Go Fish

Second in patriotic American-ism only to baseball, a hatred for fishing is simply not right if you live in the US. If you’ve never been fishing, getting your fishing license is pretty easy, and once that’s taken care of, you can explore all the best fishing spots in Oswego. If you’re attending SUNY Oswego this year, you couldn’t come at a better time: salmon fishing is at an all-time high, and local fish communities are thriving. Try and go for a state record by reeling in the biggest catch you can find!  

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