Living In FSU’s Different Districts

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Living off-campus for the first time is as exciting as it is scary. There’s so many different variables, and they range from practical to the strange — your priorities might include finding a place with utilities included, or they might involve locating an apartment that allows you to keep a pet lizard. Don’t worry, we’re not judging! We’re here to help.

In fact, if you’re attending Florida State University this year and you’re thinking about moving off-campus, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the perks and drawbacks of some of the biggest residential districts in Tallahassee, so read on to find out which area fits your needs when you’re searching for (even if those needs include a pet iguana).

  1. College Town

Our first district on the list is perhaps the most straightforward. With a name like College Town, it’s pretty hard to imagine this neighborhood being suited for middle-aged businessmen or elderly folks in the Tallahassee tri-county area. But that’s great for you! If you’re especially fond of the college experience and want to make the most of sporting events and late night bar crawls, College Town is your place.

College Town Perks

  • It’s one of the newest neighborhoods in Tallahassee, with updated architecture and living spaces
  • The condos and apartments were designed with college students in mind
  • Your neighbors will likely be college-age
  • There’s lots of great bars nearby

College Town Drawbacks

  • Living here can be a drawback on game day, as students flood the area
  • Rent can be expensive because of how new the spaces are
  • You won’t experience the same cultural vibe that older, more historic districts possess
  1. Governor’s Walk

Are you the political type? No need to be ashamed. We get a little politically motivated when we’ve had a few beers, too. If you want to go somewhere where your governmental aspirations won’t be patronized, Governor’s Walk is for you. But don’t worry! It’s home to a lot more than that. This is where some of the nicest places to live in Tallahassee are located, and there’s tons of great historic architecture to marvel at when you’re out on a walk or grabbing coffee in the morning. There are also lots of renovations being made in Governor’s Walk currently, so the area’s only getting nicer.

Governor’s Walk Perks

  • It’s got tons of historic architecture, including homes of past Florida governors and legislators
  • Apartments and homes here are high-end and well-maintained
  • Lots of startup companies and other businesses have found their way here over the past few decades

Governor’s Walk Drawbacks

  • Rent is more pricey here
  • There won’t be as many college students in this area as some of the other districts
  1. All Saints

Get ready to get freaky. Kidding — kind of! If you’re ready to unleash your inner bohemian while you’re at school, check out All Saints. It’s the most musical and artistic district in Tallahassee, and it’s currently experiencing its own sort of renaissance. New businesses, coffee shops, music venues and more are relocating to this area as artists are discovering its rustic charm and renovating the district. Living in All Saints isn’t as expensive as it is in other districts, either, which means you’ll find more residents close to your age here. And have you seen some of the crazy-awesome apartments in All Saints?

All Saints Perks

  • It’s got a unique, bohemian vibe
  • The area is perfect for artistic and musical types
  • Rent is cheaper here than in some other parts of Tallahassee
  • It’s currently experiencing a revival, so now’s the perfect time to move here

All Saints Drawbacks

  • Since it’s still growing, the area feels less “finished” than some other districts
  • Big businesses and convenient chain stores are hard to find here
  • Apartments might not be as large or fancy as they are in other districts
  1. College Park

How many college-oriented neighborhoods can Tallahassee fit in it, anyway? Turns out it can hold quite a few! College Park is very much a “goldilocks” neighborhood, in that it’s got just the right amount of everything. It’s very close to the FSU campus, and as such there’s tons of students living here, but that doesn’t mean the outside community is nonexistent. That’s because there’s also a good distribution of homes and businesses here, which are nestled between student apartment complexes.

College Park Perks

  • It’s a great mix of suburban and urban housing
  • The area is right next to campus
  • The hills and parks make it a great place for outdoor types to explore

College Park Drawbacks

  • Because of its proximity to campus, residents here don’t always find time to explore Tallahassee as much as other FSU students
  • The convenience of living close to campus means apartments and houses go quickly here

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