The Florida State University Bucket List

We’ve all got our own personal bucket lists. They’re often something like: Graduate college. Find a job. Get married. Buy a house. But lifelong bucket lists aren’t always as useful when you’re thinking short-term. College is by no means a short-term endeavor, but it definitely requires its own bucket list!

If you’re on your way to Florida State University (or returning for another year), it’s worth revisiting your college bucket list and making some changes. One of those changes should definitely be to find yourself an awesome apartments near FSU , but the others are a little… out there. How so, you ask? Read on.

  1. Visit The FSU Flying High Circus

Have you always dreamed of running off and joining the circus? Us, too. Turn that dream into a reality at FSU’s Flying High Circus, which is just one of only two collegiate circuses in America. While their performers are entirely made up of undergraduate students, their performances are diligently rehearsed and rival shows put on by professional groups. In fact, every part of the operation is student-run, from event planning to costume-sewing to performer training.

If you’re looking to have a wild night at FSU, we suggest you find your way to the Flying High Circus sooner than later (or, if you’re feeling really wild, you could alway sign up and become a performer yourself!).

  1. Check out the “Rez”

Since you’ll be living on campus or in the awesome houses and apartments in Tallahassee, you’re going to want a break from the city every once in awhile. The FSU Reservation, also known as the “Rez,” is the perfect solution. With 10 active acres of wildlife and beaches to explore, you’ll find plenty of things to do.

If you’re a swimmer, take a dive in Lake Bradford with friends. Otherwise you can explore the waters another way: by boat. Kayak or canoe across the waves and see what the FSU Reservation has to offer! When you’re done earning your sea legs, come back to shore and play one of the many park games available at the Rez.

  1. Snap A Shot With Garnet And Gold

Have you seen these guys? No, seriously, have you? Garnet and Gold are part of a longstanding FSU tradition: two guys coat themselves in red and yellow paint and apply more than six pounds of glitter to become honorary school mascots during every FSU football game. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it awesome? Also yes. Out of respect for the tradition, the pair never reveal their names, but they’re more than happy to take a photo with you if you catch them riding their tandem bike to the game!

  1.  Check Out The Tallahassee Downtown Market

Fresh, outdoor markets are incredible. Tallahassee’s is even better than incredible! For half the year (from March through November, to be specific), part of Downtown Tallahassee comes alive and turns into an awesome market full of food, music, art and more. There’s fresh cut flowers, men in kilts playing bagpipes… you know, your usual market antics.

Hopefully you’ve already added each of these distinct activities and traditions to your FSU bucket list. Once you set foot on campus, you’ll find there are tons more to be found. But what would be the fun in listing all of them? And who’s to say you won’t be the next student to start a crazy tradition, event or bucket list item of your own? Not us!

In the end, it’s not really about checking things off a list. It’s about making a list that’s as big as your aspirations. Now get to it, FSU students.


Chips and salsa aficionado, Ali Bartmer joined the Rent College Pads team in the fall of 2016 as the Operations Assistant and has since become a Content crafter. Cat mom of one, Ali prides herself in being a Bloody Mary connoisseur and with her Masters from Hogwarts there’s nothing Ali can’t do.

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