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So you made it out alive after living in your shoebox-sized dorm – now what? It’s definitely time to live a little less supervised. However, your life doesn’t ever really slow down, especially not enough to spend a ton of time looking for a new place to live next semester. No need to worry, Rent College Pads gets it, and we’ve even put together a list of the top rated landlords in your area to take the guesswork out of looking for a new place. Check it out below!

For tons of properties around the University of Idaho, check out our map page.


  1. Alliance Home Management

Alliance is in our number one spot on this list for good reason – they’re dedicated to finding places that match their residents’ lifestyles and budget, and they’re also dedicated to making sure that their tenants get consistently awesome customer service and speedy maintenance on their homes. With tons of great apartments, townhouses, and stand-alone homes, they definitely have something to match whatever budget you have after you subtract the cost of your Doritos and Hot Pockets every month. Some units feature stuff like washers and dryers, new appliances, included utilities, flexible pet policies, and extensive parking options.


  1. Hill Rental Properties

In our number two spot, we have Hill Rental Properties, which offer tons of options for apartments super close to campus. All units are non-smoking and have laundry on-site, and Hill offers some awesome deals on leasing depending on the length of your lease. Other amenities based on the unit you lease include dishwashers, inclusion of water, sewage, garbage, and internet in the price of your rent, private patios, and parking options.


  1. Kestrel Development

Kestrel Development rolls in at number three on our list, boasting brand new facilities, close proximity to campus, the grocery store, the mall, and paid utilities. Among some of the rest of their amenities in each unit are washers and dryers, a dishwasher, garbage disposal, self-cleaning ovens, built-in microwaves, and full-size refrigerators. There’s also tons of parking, and all apartments are cable and internet ready.


  1. Welcome Home Property Management

Welcome Home (what a great name, right?) has a motto that they live up to, judging from their ratings: “See a need, fill a need.” By providing awesome service for their tenants, they’ve earned a reputation for being really great landlords. They have tons of reasonably priced rentals close to campus, so you can really get choosy about the kind of place in which you see yourself living. Some features that we thought were really cool that are offered in some of Welcome Home’s properties are patios, dishwashers, flexible pet policies, yards, washers and dryers in units, and huge closets.


  1. Team Idaho

Our number 5 top rated landlord is Team Idaho, another company that’s super dedicated to serving their tenants and making sure that they have excellent customer service any time they need help. They offer a wide variety of rental properties in the Moscow area, so whether you’re looking to live close to campus and walk to your classes every day or you’re hoping to live a little further out of town and have a quieter semester, you’ll be able to find an affordable, quality place to live. Every place offers slightly different amenities, but some highlights include parking, updated appliances, and flexible pet policies.


  1. Apartment Rentals

Apartment Rentals comes in at our number six spot by offering multiple living options within walking distance of the university. They pride themselves on offering “comfortable, affordable apartment and house rentals”, and students definitely seem to agree. Many of these housing options include amenities like free off-street parking, cable and internet, tons of closet space, and on-site laundry facilities. Also, bonus – they offer something called a Rent Scholarship, which is exactly like it sounds – it’s possible to apply to get some or all of your rent paid for.


  1. The Grove at Moscow

Next on our list is The Grove at Moscow, which is a student community that makes you feel like you’re basically living in a resort by offering a ridiculous amount of amenities. Residents have access to a resort-style pool, a 24-hour fitness center, indoor tanning, basketball courts, a game room, high-speed internet, and sand volleyball courts, among a ton of other stuff. Units come fully furnished and feature individual leases which protects you in the event that your deadbeat roommate decides to leave in the middle of the semester without finding a subleaser, walk-in closets, washers and dryers in each apartment, and private bathrooms (♪♫priiiiivacyyyyyyy♫♪).


  1. McCoy Apartments

Coming in at number eight on our list are McCoy Apartments, which are all located within six blocks of campus. Each unit comes with some really great features such as updated kitchen appliances, newly refinished bathrooms, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and on-site laundry facilities. Apartments are spacious and maintenance requests are fixed within twenty-four hours by the friendly, professional staff. And it’s a steal of deal – all of the apartments are super affordable!


  1. Woodbury Properties

Woodbury Properties have a bunch of rental properties super close to campus that are open to fit any budget and any style you’re looking for, whether it’s an apartment or a stand-alone home. Some amenities offered at some of their units are things like garages, private yards and decks, included lawn services, washers and dryers in-unit, fireplaces, and central heat and air conditioning.


  1.  Brennan Properties

Rounding out the list is Brennan Properties, a landlord that offers a wide variety of apartments and homes as close or as far away from campus as you’re looking to be! Some great features that are offered by a multitude of Brennan homes are things like flexible pet policies, garage parking, garden tubs, and tons of storage and living space.


We get it, you’re busy – and when you have a second of downtime, the last thing you want to do is spend it figuring out where to live next semester. Rent College Pads has streamlined the process to make your life a little bit easier – check out the full listing of properties around the University of Idaho’s campus!

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