High Street Is The Best Street for Partying at Ohio State University
high street ohio state

This is where it goes down at Ohio State. (Flickr)

We challenge anyone to walk down any street on the Ohio State campus near OSU off-campus housing during game day and not be enticed to party like you’ve never partied before. Whether you’re into house parties, or you like to do your partying at the bar, you’re going to find somewhere to, uh, have a good time in Columbus.

High Street is the Best Street for Bar Hopping

If you’re into the bar scene, High Street in Columbus is exactly where you need to be.

Before heading to this infamous street, take one last look in the mirror and make sure you’ve put on the correct pants. Your party pants. You’re definitely going to need them when you’re hitting up the bars on High Street.

If your mom texts you on a Tuesday night and says “Honey, how’s school?”, send this sly reply “Can’t talk I’m at the Library.” She doesn’t need to know that “The Library” is actually a bar where you’ll find cheap drink prices, good people, and good excuses.

Next bar to hit up on High Street is Bullwinkle’s Night Club/Bar. This bar is what experienced drinkers like to call the “Night Ender”. The bar that you and all of your drunk friends like to stumble into around 12:30-1:00 am to dance the rest of the night away. Drinks are a tiny bit more expensive here, but you probably won’t realize that until you look at your bank account the next day. Not a big deal. All joking aside this bar has a huge dance floor with sweet lighting and they just play bangers all night long.

The last bar isn’t located on the notorious High Street but it’s not too far from it. Varsity Club is your classic sports bar with great beer and great bar food. Come here to pregame, tailgate, or watch the Buckeye’s dominate. During the summer they’ve also got a pretty cool patio set up so head down there and enjoy some brews and check out some bros.

Best Streets in Columbus For House Parties

As previously mentioned Ohio State is a pretty notorious for being a party school. So no matter where you walk you could be heading straight into the belly of a rager. Seriously it’s very possible that you walk out of your room and there will be a party happening. Everyone is always partying. If you want to hit up some frat parties one weekend you’re going to want to head to 15th Street, that’s where most of the fraternities and sororities are located.

OSU frat parties can be legendary, especially if some of the frats team up to throw an epic party. You might even find yourself dressing up for a themed frat party, and those are always the nights that you’ll forget. We mean remember. You get it.

But with every frat there is always a sprinkle of douche in there so if those parties aren’t your thing, the rest of Ohio State’s student body that rent houses have got your back. Most of the house parties don’t even charge covers and they’re just interested in having a blast with fellow Buckeye’s. Many options at your disposal for house parties here at OSU so be sure to take advantage of them all.

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