When should you look for off-campus housing near Winona State University?

winona stateThe same thing happens every September in Winona. Students get back to class, and as soon as they start getting adjusted to their new professors and syllabi, they have to start preparing for an even bigger adjustment: a new place to live. It may seem crazy to be thinking about where you will live for the following school year a whole year ahead of time, but if you are a Winona State University student it is something you have to think about.

Thanks to Google and personal experience, we know the best time for undergraduates to start looking is September-early October. You’ll still be able to find housing after this period, but during said time you will find the best deals closer to campus.

However, if you’re an international student, your housing search is a little different. The deadline for applications to attend Winona State for fall semester is July 1. It can take 4-6 weeks to hear back, so you’ll want to start looking as soon as you get your acceptance letter.

Many international students choose to live on campus or sublease off campus. If you want to live on campus there should be a housing application form with your acceptance letter. If you want to live off-campus, Rent College Pads can help find a good fit for you.

As for transfer students, you shouldn’t dawdle either. Get started looking as soon as you get accepted, that way you’ll be sure to get a place in a good location and at a good price. Depending on when you applied, you could be looking around the time undergrads are looking or even later.

It’s always smart to stay ahead of the game. Our advice to anyone looking for Winona State off-campus housing is to start early. Winona’s a small town with limited housing near campus and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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