UWL Off-Campus Housing: 10 Top Rated La Crosse Landlords
Downtown La Crosse. (Flickr)

Downtown La Crosse. (Flickr)

La Crosse, Wisconsin is the definition of a college town. A large chunk of the population is students, a lot of the businesses and amenities of the city are meant to serve students, and there’s a downtown that is the stuff of legends.

There might be three colleges in town, but students and citizens know who runs the place: UW-La Crosse. We’ve surveyed the field and assembled a list of 10 realtors that provide the optimal housing options for UW-L students.

Three Sixty

Three Sixty is one of the most well-known and reputable real estate companies in La Crosse. Three Sixty boasts some of the most popular areas around the campus and in other college hot spots of the city. Their newest gem? Aguilera. Aguilera is Spanish for “Eagles Nest” and that’s an appropriate name for the city’s latest development right above and overlooking West Ave and blocks away from campus. The fully furnished masterpiece features decks to check out the views of the city and a common area in the middle where you can hang out with your neighbors.

A review from Google Reviews:

I’ve had an absolutely wonderful experience with Three Sixty, the are very quick at answering any and all questions and they really try hard to make sure their clients are informed and can make the right decisions for their needs.

Benson Management

Benson Management has been in the business for over 40 years. That type of long standing service to the community has earned them an exceptional reputation and granted them an expertise not many companies can achieve. With many houses and apartments in the area surround UW-L there’s a good chance you’ve partied in a Benson property with the company dominating the hotbed on Pine and Vine streets.

The Hive

The Hive is La Crosse’s first fully furnished modern living amenity building just recently constructed. The multi-colored palace rests down on State street with A Hmong Golden Egg Roll and a Premier fitness in the same building so you won’t have to go far for food or to workout. The Hive also features an outdoor deck that all tenants can hang out and grill out on when the weather’s fine and the living’s easy.

A review from Google Reviews:

If you’re looking for new, modernized living, then this is the place for you! It’s also safe and secure with the buildings security system and even within your own suite; each room individually locks with its own key. Plus, the management team is wonderful. They’re always so nice and willing to help with anything, and they do a great job with roommate matching. I would highly recommend for students and young adults.

Three Amigos

Three Amigos is a lesser known name then the big three of La Crosse, but don’t count them out. They offer up traditional apartment style communities in various locations of the city. The smoke-free apartments can have pets if you’re willing to pay a little extra for the deposit. These apartments are going to be a little quieter and a little further away from campus, so this could be an option for the older student or one with a family perhaps.

Biondo Rentals

Biondo Rentals, headed up by Pat Biondo, aspire to serve the college students of La Crosse. Their properties and floor plans are varied, but they’re conveniently located in walking distance to everything that you’re going to want (Kwik Trip, Downtown, oh classes too I guess). Offering up quite a few options that serve five tenants or more, Biondo Rentals would be great if you’re going at it with your #SQUAD.

Pinetree Properties

Owner Bob and Lorene Wehrenberg are both UW-L Alumni, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about what UW-L students seek in their housing, and it shows with Pinetree. All of their rentals are within walking distance to the university, so if you don’t have a car on campus, that’s ok! They also don’t have the highest number of properties so that they can provide exceptional maintenance much more quickly than some of their competitors.

WEC Rentals

WEC Rentals, located on Mormon Coulee, offers up some affordable housing options in the La Crosse area. The quaint properties vary in their size and floorplan, so they have mixed bag of what’s available so be sure to check in often to see what’s going on. The rentals are varied throughout the city so be sure to know where they are in proximity to what you’re after.

Roush Rentals

Roush Rentals are a local, family owned business that serves the La Crosse and La Crescent areas. The apartments are located in some of the nicer areas in town at very convenient price points. The company serves the entire community and not just college students so you can expect the places to be a little nicer compared to your average college pad. They also oversee the Sunset Terrace Apartments out on Gillette Street.

GSR Apartments

GSR is another locally owned company with a dedication to serving the college population of the city of La Crosse. Their properties are either located near the University or in charming residential neighborhoods. GSR apartments are nice and offer you the college experience you’ve always dreamed of. With 1 to 5 bedroom options, they provide flexibility.

Parker Properties and Development

When you hear convenient and affordable, you probably don’t expect to have the quality, but Parker Properties will prove you wrong. Parker Properties puts a pretty good price point on student living and the only thing better than that alliteration is their ability to provide you with an excellent living experience. They offer a good amount of apartments and even have a few houses in there for the most mature student who has their life together. Also, having their life together in college can mean anything from a student entering their senior year or a student who actually can cook other things besides pizza rolls.

We’re glad you decided to check out this list of 10 great realtors in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, and we are positive you’re going to enjoy every second in your new place. If you want to see more housing options to live off-campus, check out our UWL off-campus housing map page.


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