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6 Top Rated Charlottesville Landlords: Virginia Off-Grounds Housing
university of virginia

When you attend a school that looks this beautiful, you deserve to go home to a nice place too. (Flckr)

Like moths to one of those excruciating bug zappers, it seems like students can’t help but be lured into a lease by the glimmer of a discounted security deposit and some stale doughnuts at the front of a rental office—free food gets us every time. But free stuff doesn’t always equate to a smart long-term decision when it comes to UVA off-grounds housing.

11 months down the line, you learn that you will not be receiving a dime of that “discounted” security deposit (though you’re pretty sure you left the place spotless), and those doughnuts hardly seem worth it anymore. If it’s happened to you, there’s a good chance it’s probably happened to someone else, and what better way to avoid the mistakes of our peers than by reading their hard-hitting testimonies online. Continue reading