The Appliance Power Rankings

appliancesAfter much debate and backroom politicking, Rent College Pads has settled on a list of top ten appliances.

1. Refrigerator
2. Microwave
3. Washer
4. Dryer
5. Dishwasher
6. Oven
7. Toaster Oven
8. Toaster
9. Iron
10. Pizza Maker

No item was more hotly debated on the Rent College Pads Appliance Top Ten than the dishwasher. While many in the office live comfortably thanks to the ease the modern dishwasher provides, at least one team member railed against the dishwasher industry, which has long required a pre-rinsing of dishes, which is like half the work that it’s supposed to be doing in the first place. And far too many times have we seen powdery soap residue left on our plates after a wash. But a good dishwasher does what it’s supposed to do without those drawbacks.

The poor pizza maker gets very little love, while its brethren oven, toaster oven and toaster proudly sit in the middle of the rankings below the most essential appliances. And the trusty iron, which unwrinkles our shirts when we’re in a pinch and only requests the tiniest amount of water every few weeks or so is also relegated to the bottom of the list.

But it’s hard to argue against refrigeration. You may be reading this right now, thinking about the leftovers that await you at home. All day you’ve been thinking about them. Or you’ve been thinking about your roommate eating them, which is the most inexcusable breach of roommate etiquette that exists. We hope your leftovers are waiting for you when you get home today. And we thank the refrigerator for keeping them edible and bacteria free. For the most part.

Callie Kollenbroich has been the Operations Coordinator and Content Writer/Editor at Rent College Pads since 2015. When she's not working, you can find her at home, eating peanut butter out of the jar and bingeing an unhealthy amount of Forensic Files. She's not as lame as she sounds.

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