Which Disney character is your roommate?

Could you share an apartment with your favorite Disney character? It’s great to live with friends to save on the expenses of an apartment, but great friends don’t always make great roommates!

Sometimes you get lucky and your roommate situation works out perfectly, but rarely do all the types of roommates fit your preferences. We’ve made a list of some of your favorite popular Disney characters and associated them with the classic roommate archetypes that are so prevalent throughout life. The Lazy Roommate, the Clingy Roommate – you know the ones we’re talking about, because certainly you’ve had at least one.

The Lazy Roommate

Not everyone will be the epitome of cleanliness like you are. It’s unlikely that your roommate will share your same values for a clean living space and an active lifestyle. The lazy roommate prefers to spend their time alone and in bed. They value their time alone. They don’t like to engage too often, which means they are passive and allow other people to make the decisions. You can often find the lazy roommate on the couch… and you’ll probably find them still in the same spot 6 hours later.

You can count on either having to nag your roommate to take care of their things, or just taking care of everything yourself. Our best advice when your roommate finally wants to come out of their hole and help with something…celebrate the heck out of it. This may encourage them to behave this way more frequently! If that doesn’t work, just stack their dishes on their bed…that way they have to wash them before they can sleep.

Disney Doppelgänger: Eeyore
If this is your roommate, you’ve got yourself an Eeyore. If you’re familiar with
Winnie the Pooh, you know that Eeyore is incredibly lazy and doesn’t like to do much…like ever. When Eeyore finally wants to help or participate in something, it deserves a celebration. Eeyore doesn’t talk very much, but when he does, he follows any slightly positive comment with a negative one. Eeyore is known for his personal storm cloud that follows him around and encourages his depressing attitude.

The Party Animal Roommate

We all know that person who goes out for drinks Wednesday – Saturday every week. The one who occasionally dances on tables and draws attention to themselves at whatever bar they walk into.  What if that person was your roommate? That could get old real quick, especially if your priorities are elsewhere. The party animal roommate puts socializing over education. If there is a party, you can bet your roommate will be there. They get people hyped up at the bar and get everyone involved. As irritating as this can be at times, you have to commend them for their leadership! They’re clearly confident in themselves, which is also a positive trait! While we can agree that their leadership and confidence would serve them better in other areas besides partying, at least they’re starting somewhere.

Disney Doppelgänger: Gaston
Is your roommate’s name Gaston? Yeah, we thought so. This man from
Beauty and the Beast knows how to PARTY. In the movie, he actually gets an entire bar to join in on a song he wrote about himself! Gaston walks around town as if he was the greatest person to ever grace the people’s presence. He is very confident in himself and thinks that every lady wants nothing more than to be his wife. People follow what he does as a leader because he demands respect. Overall, Gaston is a lot to handle. That’s probably why his only friend is his little “sidekick” LeFou.

The Attached Roommate

College is for making friends, growing up, and becoming your own person…at least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. If on the first day of meeting your new roommate, they immediately got excited about making plans with you, you may have the dreaded “Attached Roommate.”

The attached roommate may feel the need to be friends with all of your friends and invite themselves to any plans that you may have. They will love being near you, spending time with you, and doing things with you. But be prepared, if you don’t invite them to an activity, they may think the worst and assume that you hate them. Quickly you realize that becoming your own person will not be easy with this roommate. It’s a delicate balance with an attached roommate. Too much attention, and they’ll never leave your side. Too little attention, and they’ll get very sad…which will then become your problem as well. Our best advice if this is your roommate…just try to embrace it. They love and will do anything for you! You’re one of the lucky ones!

Disney Doppelgänger: Olaf
Olaf’s personality can be compared to an attached roommate! Olaf is a snowman from the movie
Frozen and loves friendship so much that he’s willing to melt just for a warm hug. Olaf will do anything to see his friends smile. He wants to be a part of all of the activities, even if he won’t be much help. He likes to be around his friends and do what he can to make them smile. But due to his need for friendship, his attachment sometimes gets him hurt!

The Clean Freak

This kind of roommate is either great or super annoying. The Clean Freak roommate is one that loves a clean, organized space. They love keeping a schedule and getting things done. Their number 1 priority is organization. Maybe this sounds good to you if you struggle with this but appreciate the end result!

But you know those days where you’re just too busy with school and work and you need to leave your dishes in the sink until the end of the day when you’ll have time to take care of them? Yeah, that wouldn’t fly with this roommate. You’d probably get a text sometime throughout the day reminding you of this “sin” that you committed. We all have our things, and your roommate’s is an over-reliance on cleanliness! This may take some work to understand but try to view this as a helpful thing rather than as an annoyance.

Disney Doppelgänger: Cinderella
While Cinderella was told to do the chores and keep things clean, she did have a great passion for it and a bit of OCD. Cinderella lived to make her stepmother’s house spotless. She spent her days doing nothing but cleaning, except the one night that she escaped her chores to go to the Ball. If you have a Cinderella roommate, you may literally have to drag her away from her chores for a night out once in a while.

The LOUD Roommate

This roommate is loud, rambunctious, and easily excited. Living with the loud roommate, you may experience frequent headaches and ringing in your ears due to their overwhelming happiness. It may seem like nothing gets your roommate down and they always have a reason to be happy. This trait is contagious! Embrace it, and maybe you’ll begin to become a little more like this yourself. What a pair you two would be then huh? However, this roommate tends to be more focused on having fun and may not have their priorities in order. The key is to separate yourself from the childishness during times that you need to focus, and then join in the fun when you need a break! The loud roommate will always be looking for a chance to be crazy with you.

Disney Doppelgänger: Tigger
The loud roommate sounds just like Tigger! Tigger is always looking for someone to “bounce around” with. Tigger’s playful, energetic, rambunctious attitude can be an exhausting one. In the Hundred Acre Wood this personality looks fun and provides great entertainment! However, living with Tigger while at college would be tough. His childish personality and lack of focus would not serve him well as a college student and would not serve you well as his roommate. He is a fun dude to be around though so enjoy the time with him when you can afford to put the school work aside!

The Roommate Who Thinks They Are Your Parent

Did your roommate move to college and assume the role of parent because they don’t think you’ll function without one? Man, that can be frustrating. College is about being your own person and testing the waters without your parents. The last thing you need is to move in with another one! It can be tough to approach this roommate with your feelings and concerns given their personality. It will take some time to prove to the “roommate who thinks they’re your parent” that you really can function without them. You’ll have to push through the bossy-ness and the texts checking in to make sure you’re on top of things. Patience and persistence will get you through and eventually your roommate will get the hint that their parental guidance isn’t appreciated.

Disney Doppelgänger: King Triton
You’re just trying to live your life and your roommate is being a King Triton! King Triton, from
The Little Mermaid, questions everything that his daughter does and eventually, forbids her to venture anywhere outside of his care. Be prepared to tell King Triton where you’re going anytime you leave! He may then ask when you’ll be home, and will be counting on you to walk through the door at whatever time you say. This roommate does have your best interest at heart…but also kind of thinks you can’t do life without him. Stand up for yourself and DO YOU!

The Roommate You Never See

In some instances, you may find yourself wondering if you even have a roommate…they disappear so much that you forget they’re even there! The roommate you never see is a pretty common one. It becomes an exciting day when you finally get to see your roommate right!? This situation keeps things interesting wondering each morning whether that day will bring interaction with your roommate or not. So, when they do come around, make it count! It could be a long time before you’ll get another chance.

This roommate enjoys time alone, tends to avoid any social interaction, or just simply lock themselves in their room. Personal information is not shared by or asked about from this roommate. It’s going to take a lot to establish any bit of friendship given the fact they’re never around. It can be quite nice to feel like you live alone…but if it bothers you, expressing interest in being friends with “the roommate you never see” may make them want to come around more! In the end, they probably just want to be wanted.

Disney Doppelgänger: Genie
You have Genie as your roommate, minus the granting wishes and stuff. Genie is a rare one to see. It obviously takes someone rubbing the lamp to get him to come out. The Genie roommate can be seen as the same way in that it takes a lot to make them want to come out and be social. But deep down, Genie really wants to spend time with people and establish relationships. He looks forward to people rubbing the lamp so that he is let out and is able to spend time making someone wi
shes come true! Kind of sad when you think about it. He just wants to be loved!

The Actual Best Friend Roommate

If you’re someone who managed to find a roommate who turned into your best friend, we’re jealous! That’s rare and you’re real lucky. These besties have each other’s backs, always. They love spending time together and each see the value in what the other brings to the friendship. Communication is open and honest.

These roommates have a healthy balance of studying together, going out together, and time alone. They share thoughts and feelings knowing that there is trust between them. They call each other out and keep each other accountable when necessary. This is the way to be! Sharing this stage of life with your roommate and best friend will make everything better. If you know some of these roommates, spend time with and learn from them! It makes college so much easier.

Disney Doppelgänger: Timon and Pumbaa
You two are Timon and Pumbaa roommates! Timon and Pumbaa from
The Lion King are a dynamic meerkat and warthog duo. Timon is a wise guy who thinks he knows everything, but also knows how much he needs Pumbaa around. Pumbaa is a tough guy and stands up for himself, while looking out for Timon.

They complement each other’s personalities very well and value the other’s friendship. While they are often seen arguing in the movie, they love each other and are the best of friends. In their own TV series that was recently created, they celebrate Bestest Best Friend Day! This fictional friendship is one that we should learn from and apply to our real life friendships!

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