5 Reasons Thanksgiving Is The Actual Worst

For some students, Thanksgiving break is thought to be a time to enjoy family, catch up with old friends, and enjoy some free food. While the idea of going home to celebrate the holiday with family sounds like a good idea at first, with the way everything is nowadays, it may be a good idea to skip traveling and have a small Thanksgiving feast with your roommates.

If you need another reason to stay home this year other than the pandemic, here are 5 reasons that Thanksgiving break is the actual worst.

Reason 1: Getting Interrogated By Your Entire Family

It’s time to set the scene. You’re led into the dining room, followed closely by your family. Everyone sits at their assigned seats. Nobody speaks. The awkward silence is almost unbearable. But then, the line of questioning begins and you wished it would go back to the awkward silence.

How’s school? Are you dating anyone? Why don’t you call us more? Who did you vote for? Have you started looking for a job or internship? Their questions are too much and you crack under the pressure. At this point in the interrogation, you’ll tell them anything and everything they want to know, just so long as they please stop.

Reason 2: Having To Do Homework/Study Over Break

Your plans for Thanksgiving break included overeating, bingeing on Disney+, frequent naps, and online shopping. But those plans were thwarted by your evil Professors.

Seriously, why do professors always assign homework and schedule exams the week after Thanksgiving break? For Pete’s sake, don’t they know what the definition of a break is?

Reason 3: Seeing People You’d Rather Not

Do you know what’s really fun? Going out to run a quick errand looking like a garbage person, and then unexpectedly running into your old “besties” from high school in the dairy aisle of the grocery store. Let’s be honest – if you see them before they see you, the go-to move is to pull your mask up a little bit higher and avoid them like … the plague.

If somehow they get you cornered in the parking lot and demand to hang out, you have two options to get out of seeing them:
Option 1. Politely decline as you are taking social distancing very seriously.
Option 2. Tell them that sounds like fun and that you’ll text them later… But don’t actually text them later.

Reason 4: Awkard Family Fights

Did you think that the fight between Uncle/Aunt (insert name here) and (another family member) was just water under the bridge? It was … but now that they’ve had one or two alcoholic beverages too many and happen to be in the same 5-mile radius, things are sure to get heated.

The worst part is that instead of diving into a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, your family is serving up a big ole plate of beef.

Reason 5: That Extra Bloated Feeling At The End

You promised you wouldn’t let yourself get hurt like this again. You told yourself you’d stop after seconds. Like a sucker, you went back for thirds. Now you feel hot, bloated, and guilty all at the same time, and there’s no one to blame but yourself.

So, what’s your favorite or least favorite part about Thanksgiving?

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