Texas Tech University Off-Campus Housing: Top 10 Landlords

Going through a house or apartment hunt can be wicked stressful. Pair that with your already packed schedule and trying to work out a plan with your future roomies and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. College is stressful, we get it. But your off-campus housing hunt doesn’t have to be.

Rent College Pads did some digging through hundreds of Google and Facebook reviews to find our top picks for landlords in Lubbock. For a full list of apartments near Texas Tech check out our map page.

  1. Progressive Properties (5)

Sliding into the top spot on our list is Progressive Properties. Founded in 2005, the group prides themselves on being a full-service real estate solution company. They work to help meet individual needs of their clients by offering multiple services. Matthew said, “They were prompt about returning phone calls, flexible in helping us to go and see properties and I felt like we were in good hands with negotiations.”

Another tenant said “This is a great business to rent from. I’ve resided in one of their rental homes for four years now and everyone here does really well in terms of communication and taking care of any issues that would arise. They will work with you if something happens regarding rent or getting started if you’re looking to rent a home.”

  1. Lubbock Lease Homes (5)

Lubbock Lease Homes has been in business since 1990, and offer a wide range of homes at various prices. They pride themselves on being close to Texas Tech and their ability to serve students, landing them. One tenant says, “I love this management company! Kind, human, and fair. I wish all property management companies were like them.”

Another tenant said, “My experience having Lubbock Lease Homes as landlords has been phenomenal. The staff has been very helpful in many ways including maintenance services and answering questions if needed. I highly recommend renting from Lubbock Lease Homes to anyone. Overall, it has been a great experience!”

  1. Pat Garrett Realtors (4.7)

Pat Garrett Realtors has been family owned since 1940, and is coming in third on our list. Jenny said, “Made the process very easy from beginning to end. If I had any questions they were always happy to help,” something every unsure college student loves hearing!

Another tenant, Bruce, wrote, “I have only been with them for a year now and everything has been great. Everyone at Pat Garrett Realtors has been excellent and the property is managed beautifully. Highly recommended.

  1. Wildwood Lubbock (4.5)

Wildwood is one of the most popular Lubbock student apartment communities at Texas Tech. The rooms are fully furnished and they even have a multilevel pool! But their sweet amenities aren’t all they have to offer, their great services landed them in fourth on our list. Amy said Wildwood is the perfect place to live in Lubbock! The facility is amazing and the staff members are extremely helpful. I worked specifically with Paisley and she was so nice, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond to accommodate my needs.”

Another tenant said, “love this place! Tons of green space, gas fire pits, and an AMAZING pool! Everything is beautifully maintained and the staff is the best. They are always friendly and available to help. I recommend it to everyone!!”

  1. TechTerrace Real Estate (4.2)

Tech Terrace Real Estate is coming in at number five on our list. Their expertise in the market helps them identify reasonable prices and great customer service for their tenants. Basically, they eat, sleep and breathe the Tech Terrace housing market. Brian said, “Lived in Tech Terrace Real Estate managed homes the last 3 years of school. Never an issue, very attentive and always quick to communicate. Shawn and John were great landlords.

  1. Ashton Pointe (3.9)

Ashton Pointe offers spacious apartments located near popular shopping and Texas Tech University. One tenant says, “I lived here for a year while I was working on my masters. I could not have had a better experience! For the quality of the apartments, the rent was so much more reasonable than anything else I found. The location was convenient to almost everything in Lubbock. The staff was so friendly and helpful anytime I needed something or stopped by the office.

The building has a fitness center, walking track and even a racquetball court. You’ll be able to chill out on a private balcony, and bring your pets if you have them! Another tenant says, “I really like living here. It is quiet and well maintained. The office staff is very friendly and always helpful. The prices are also very competitive and well worth the amenities. I highly recommend living here!

  1. The Avenue at Lubbock (3.7)

The Avenue at Lubbock prides themselves on student living with a modern twist. Coming in at seventh on our list, The Avenue has a large fitness center, movie theater, and a coffee bar. Amanda says, “I’ve lived at The Avenue for almost a year now and they’re by far the nicest student housing Lubbock has to offer! The front desk staff is always friendly and the managers take care of issues right away. I thought I would have a problem with noise, but that’s never been the case.”

While their distance from campus might not be ideal for some, don’t let it steer you away – they offer a free shuttle to and from class! Another tenant says, “The apartments are very nice & are very clean. If you ever need anything, the staff is always there to help! Overall this is a great place to live and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a nice place to live at!

  1. The Ranch Apartments (3.6)

Sitting in eighth place we have The Ranch Apartments. They are proud to be near Texas Tech and work hard to create convenience and community in their space. One tenant said, “Love the amenities and customer service. Also in a nice area that isn’t too far (10min) from Texas Tech University.”

Besides their closeness to campus, they also have some sweet amenities like a pool, coffee bar, and fitness center. Danyal said, “Second year living here. Great place to live. I love it for the atmosphere. Never had any problems with anyone working here. The Staff here is great.”

  1. Suites at Overton Park (3.6)

Coming in ninth place is the Suites at Overton Park. These apartments are located right next to University Ave, right across the street from TTU. One tenant said, “I love how spacious the apartment is, it makes it feel like a house instead of an apartment. Another thing I enjoy is how helpful the people in the office are.

The Suites at Overton Park offer tons of amenities, so their rent might be a little more pricey than other options – but many people say it’s worth the price! Brain says, “Great place to live. The staff is awesome and very helpful. Close proximity to campus, food places, etc. Worth every dollar. 5 star living for sure.

  1. 25Twenty (3.4)

Rolling into 10th place on our list is 25Twenty apartments. Located right across the street from TTU with tons of amenities, the 25Twenty is a luxury off-campus housing option. Caroline said, “25Twenty is a great place to live! Super close to campus so it’s very convenient for going to class and football games. Very clean, and very nice staff as well. Very nice amenities, and overall an awesome place.

The rent for 25Twenty is a little pricey, but many tenants think it’s worth it for the location, pool and other amenities. Another tenant notes, “If you are looking for a place to live that comes furnished and has a parking garage with a good office staff then live at 25Twenty. Although it is expensive, it is one of the premier apartment complexes to live at within walking distance to campus.”


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