Top 10 UW-Oshkosh Landlords

Studying at UW Oshkosh is a full-time job. Living there shouldn’t have to be. When you’re looking for UW-Oshkosh off-campus housing apartments to rent from, you don’t want to end up in a place that costs too much, needs constant repairs and doesn’t provide friendly service. Who needs all that on top of pursuing a degree?

That’s why Rent College Pads has put together a list of our most reputable landlords and property management groups in the city of Oshkosh. The next time you’re hunting for a new house or apartment near UW Oshkosh, consider one of these companies to rent from

1. Schwab Properties

Schwab Properties is on our list because they’re experts at keeping tenants happy in a timely fashion. Renters know Schwab by Tracy and Cindy, two expert landlords who help with everything from maintenance to form filing. Mike said, “Moved into a Schwab Property 3 years ago and it was an awesome house. The house was very well kept and any problem we had Tracy would get fixed with 48 hours.  Tracy is a great and fair landlord and always looks out for her tenants. Would definitely recommend renting through Schwab Properties over everyone else in the Oshkosh area.”

2. The Annex

The Annex boasts great places to live just minutes from campus, shopping centers, places to eat and more. Their amenities include a fitness center, a resident lounge, a clubhouse, a computer lab and more. Between their one, two and four bedroom student-oriented apartments, you’re sure to find a space that suits the needs of both you and your roommates here.

Mala really enjoyed here experience with The Annex, noting that “The leasing process has been so easy! All the staff members at Annex Oshkosh were super helpful in assisting me.”

3. Land Pride Properties

Land Pride Properties has been in the rental business since 1988, and they’ve learned some things about great property management along the way. Land Pride started with just one property under Tony Litjens, and soon grew in both size and style. Now it’s one of the most convenient and affordable management groups in Oshkosh!

Christina had this to say about Land Pride Properties: “Wonderful people to rent from. Pay rent online, easy to get a hold of when needed, repairs and plowing done timely.”

4. Discovery Properties

Discovery Properties offers a variety of places for students and community members alike. They’ve got both apartments and homes for rent, so if you’re looking for less traditional housing they’re sure to have something for you! The service at Discovery is what puts them on our list, though. They keep tenants updated with newsletters and online access to their accounts, and they also provide prompt maintenance and friendly staff.

Sarah Lebron, a local guide, said that “I’ve rented from the fine people at Discovery Properties for over 5 years now. If anything goes wrong with the house, their maintenance crew takes care of it right away. The office staff is friendly and helpful.”

5. Star Properties

Star Properties offers housing in more places than just Oshkosh, but that doesn’t mean their service in the city isn’t top-notch! Their sizeable team of leasing agents and competent staff make for a formidable property management group that works tirelessly to ensure their renters receive the best possible service. Will you be one of them?

6. Campus Apartments of Oshkosh

The strength of the Campus Apartments of Oshkosh comes in the form of versatility. They offer a several different complexes that range from 1-4 bedroom units to townhouses. Each complex provides tenants with on-site coin operated laundry facilities, personal patios, and a sizeable amount of parking. They’re located right by other forms of campus housing on High Avenue, which is convenient for making it to those difficult 8 ams on time.

7. Alpine Property Management

If you’re not looking for a big property management group and you want quick and personal service, Alpine Property Management is for you. They offer great home rentals that you and your roommates will be sure to love, and you won’t have to worry about lawn care (they take care of it!). Repairs happen quickly and landlords pick up the phone when you call. That’s more than can be said for some college friends, even. Check them out if you’re looking to rent a home in the area!

8. Titan Property Management LLC

While we could go on and on about the benefits of renting through Titan Property Management, we’d rather let you hear it from Michael, who was with them for a year: “Good service, excellent for college. I rented a house on Prospect St. for a year and don’t know a place that has provided me with better service. Instead of making us wait long periods for small fixes, they immediately took care of it. Management is also very understanding and easy to talk to. I can’t remember a time I had trouble that wasn’t resolved within one or two days. Like I said, if you’re looking for a place that’s not going to take advantage of you and will actually provide good service, Titan a good option.”

9. Black Teak Properties

Black Teak Properties take great pride in their clean, well-maintained apartments around Oshkosh. They’ve taken a stand against shoddy rentals, replacing fake wooden doors and moldy, un-clean carpets with modern units that won’t make you feel like you’re living in your first apartment.

Nick had much to say about the quality of Black Teak Properties, so we’re only including some of his words here: “My three roommates and I rented through Black Teak Properties for three years while going to school at UW-Oshkosh. Our experience with our property manager, and rental facility, was bar none the best out of any of our friends.”

10. Mokler Properties

Looking for a home to rent that isn’t going to break the bank each month? Mokler Properties has what you’re looking for. They’ve got decades of real estate experience and know everything about the business from studio rentals to 4-bedroom homes, so keep them in mind if you need an industry expert on hand!

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