Top 10 UW-Madison Landlords

As a first-time renter (and sometimes even as a seasoned tenant), finding quality UW-Madison off campus housing isn’t the easiest task. It takes some know-how and a little bit of insider knowledge to get to know the best apartments and prices around.

Fortunately, instead of finding all this information through trial and error, Rent College Pads dug through tons of reviews to find the top 10 landlords in Madison. Read on to learn why we chose them, then make your own informed decision about which of our apartments and homes for rent in Madison are right for you!

  1. Madison Property Management

Madison Property Management is one of Madison’s largest rental groups, but its size certainly doesn’t diminish the quality of its incredible service. That’s why it lands on our list at number one. Renters are consistently pleased by MPM’s ability to respond to requests quickly and efficiently, and they’ve got loads of satisfied return-renters thanks to their commitment to maintaining great rentals.

When Lisa requested several maintenance updates, MPM responded even faster than she expected: “We requested an extra carpet cleaning months after we were already moved in and they had no problem sending someone out within a week! We also were having an issue with air circulation due to no ceiling fans in bedrooms; within a couple days they sent someone out to inspect the situation and had brand new ceiling fans installed within a week!”

She’s just one of many happy renters that make Madison Property Management our top-ranked landlord for UW-Madison students.

  1. Docken Management Co.

Docken Management Co. comes in at number two because of its incredible reviews from, well, all of its renters! Jaz had this to say about Docken: “From beginning to end, this rental company has been nothing short of amazing. Paul and Anne are very friendly, approachable, reasonable, and delightful rental managers to have. They genuinely care about what they do, which tends to make quite a difference.”

The company was also praised for the accessibility of its offices, the well-kept grounds, its proximity to local transportation lines and more.

  1. Rouse Management

Our number three landlord in the area is Rouse Management, and it earns its spot because of glowing reviews from renters of all kinds. Students are especially fond of the maintenance staff here, who address problems quickly and efficiently whenever they’re needed.

Garrison was just one of many students who had great things to say about Rouse: “Rouse has been, by far, the best that I have been with thus far. I lived in the Cortland Commons complex on the West Side, where Lindsay managed the properties. She was so awesome at responding to emails and maintenance requests right away.”

  1. Johnson Properties

The Johnson Properties come in at number four for their attractive apartments, low utility prices and responsive management. In terms of affordability, Peter was happily surprised by the lack of hidden costs and fees. He noted that “the landlord was very responsive. My utility bills were very low.”

Another renter, Lisa, said “you can’t find a better deal in Madison!” She and others were big fans of the apartments’ high ceilings and retro-modern feel.

  1. Goldleaf Development

Goldleaf Development is well known for its clean, well-maintained apartments. The staff is responsive and friendly, and they go the extra mile to update their complexes with new features. Adam said “my apartment was clean when I moved in and even though the building is older, there was fresh carpeting.”

He also said “Whenever I had a maintenance request, the staff dealt with it quickly and professionally. Overall, would recommend.” We’d recommend it, too. After all, it’s our number five property management service in Madison!

  1. Steve Brown Apartments

The Steve Brown Apartments are well-reviewed by both students and parents, too. Jon said that “from a parent’s standpoint this was a great place for our UW student to live. Management keeps the apartments in great shape. They monitor tenants to make sure everyone is respectful of other tenants. Security is great.”

Couples enjoy these properties, too! John says “My girlfriend and I have been renting from Steve Brown for about 7 months, and so far it’s been the best renting experience we’ve ever had. Love our apartment, and the location.”

  1. Boardwalk Investments

Boardwalk Investments takes great pride in keeping its buildings clean and modern, and its renters notice! Martha said, “I can’t rave enough about the excellent customer service Boardwalk Investments has provided consistently through the years. They have managed the building I lease from with great care, kept it always clean and modern looking.”

Lots of students have talked about how easy and simple the lease-signing process was. Sam was impressed with a number of Boardwalk Investments’ features, saying “Working with Boardwalk Investments is such a breeze! I lived in Park Place apartments last year and decided to resign again this year because they have easy to access parking, great online payment options, and highly reliable maintenance personnel.”

  1. Tallard Apartments

Tallard Apartments has a loyal following of great tenants for a reason. Annette, who says she only rented from this company during her time in Madison, had this to say: “They are very responsive and accommodating, especially if you are a good tenant! The staff is friendly and personable. If I still lived in downtown Madison, this would be the only landlord I would rent from.”

They’re well known for their quick response to any and all maintenance requests, and complexes are kept very clean between leases!

  1. Palisade Property

Palisade property belongs on our list because it’s always finding ways to impress its tenants with services that other companies don’t offer. For example, Claudia said, “Many thanks to Palisade team members Dan, Jaime and Elizabeth for being so accommodating with personal requests to help me hang heavy pictures mirrors and curtain rods that most places would not bother to entertain, much less do for you.”

In addition to responsive landlords, they’re known for their spacious and quiet apartments, their high ceilings, their generous cat & dog policy, and the underground parking spaces available to renters.

  1. Oakland Property Services

Oakland Property Services consistently outdoes itself for its renters, and that’s why it makes its way onto our list. Andrew says, “I just renewed for my 3rd straight year with Oakland and I think they do a great job, especially considering the fact that they’re a small company in a town basically dominated by very few large players.”

Andrew isn’t the only one re-signing their lease with Oakland. Marie says, “I’m halfway through my second lease cycle with Oakland, and I have to say, I’m very I’m happy to live here!” She noted the affordability of her rent, the ease of rental payments and the unbeatable beauty of her apartment complex.

No matter which of these companies you choose to rent under, rest assured knowing they’ve got the Rent College Pads seal of approval!


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