Utah State Off-Housing: 10 Top Rated Logan Landlords

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Growing up in life you go through a lot of “firsts.” At the age of five, you have your first day of school. Fast forward to when you get your first job. From that job you have enough money get your first car. You go on your first date where you have your first kiss. Your first day of college has come and gone and you’re ready to sign a lease on your first house. Let Rent College Pads make your housing decision a little easier.

We sat down and searched through the Logan area off-campus housing options for students attending the Utah State University. After picking through hundreds of reviews, we compiled a list of the top landlords in Logan to help you out!

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Reeder Asset Management (4.8)

For nearly two decades now, Reeder Asset Management has been setting up Utah State students with some of the best housing in Logan! Whether it be an apartment or house that you’re interested in, the guys over at Reeder will help you get a place that fits your style without breaking the bank. This family-owned local company steps up to the plate and goes above and beyond for each of their residents. Morgan just, “Can’t say enough good things about Reeder Asset Management! They have been absolutely PHENOMENAL! They are friendly, honest, dependable, helpful, etc. The list goes on and on!” After looking into Reeder and reading a ton of reviews, we can all be in agreeance with Jackson when we say we only, “Have only good things to say….and would recommend them to anyone.”

Stadium Crossing (4.6)

Rolling out of bed and being able to walk across the street to campus is just one of the amazing perks of living at Stadium Crossing. These off-campus student housing apartments offer 4-6-bedroom size options. So get your squad together and check out one of the best living options Logan has to offer. Students are given a “shared” or “private” option for what unit they want to rent, allowing you to choose whether or not you want to have your own private bathroom. It may not seem like a big deal, but think about how having your own bathroom means never having to worry about your roommate using the last of the TP or getting stuck being the only one to clean the toilet.

With so much going on at school, students want things to be as easy as possible. For a flat monthly rate, you can tack on cable, internet, and utilities to your monthly rent which makes it easy because you only have to remember to write one check. As stated on their website, the guys over at Stadium Crossing say they are the best off-campus housing for USU students with the best staff. One resident boasts, “I really enjoy living at these apartments! The staff is very friendly and helpful,” while another one states that they, “Have no complaints about these apartments! They are incredible and having an in-house theater and workout room and indoor parking puts them above all other student housing facilities.”

Legacy Village Apartments (3.9)

Legacy Village welcomes each of their residents to their friendly community that they call a “family” promising any Logan newcomer a place that makes you feel right at home. Offering spacious two and three-bedroom units that boast impressive amenities, with numerous floor plans and a new phase development, the Legacy Village Apartments can accommodate any space need. The community clubhouse that has a fully equipped kitchen, a big screen TV with cable, stereo sound system, and pool table is the perfect hangout spot for you and all your friends. Their “open-door” policy encourages that their residents invite over friends and use the clubhouse if you plan on making a lot of noise. Pretty sure this is practically their way of saying go-ahead have a party, so start inviting all your friends on that Facebook event page!

Tenants also have access to the 24-hour fitness and when it’s 11:00 at night and you just remembered you have no clean clothes you can head to the laundry facility. If you have a car you’re in luck because the commute to class is only about a 4-minute drive, you’ll have to set your alarm a little earlier if you’re catching the bus because it takes about 15 minutes, but hey, still not bad!

Adams Park Apartments (3.7)

Just a half mile from the USU campus are the Adams Park Apartments. The bus route is conveniently located nearby if you opt out on bringing your car along. A few years back they did a complete renovation on their units and updated all the furnishings. In addition, they added a washer/dryer to each unit and a dishwasher too! May not seem like a big deal but think about how you don’t have to fight with your roommate over who is going to do the dishes and you don’t have to leave your apartment room to wash your clothes. You even get your very own HDTV included!

Another nice perk about Adams Park is that they offer different types of lease terms. Students are able to rent for the duration of their school year or even just a short summertime lease. That’s a great option for anyone who is transitioning into other living situations or staying the summer to work!

Old Farm Apartments (3.7)

Located just 3 blocks away from USU campus you will find the Old Farm Apartments which were created specifically for students. With nearly 100 units students are put into 2-story townhomes that house 5-6 students. All you have to worry about is turning in one rent check on the first of every month because all utilities are included, even internet.

Forget deciding which roommate should get the couch and who is going to buy the table because your apartment will come fully furnished, and bonus, you’ll also have a dishwasher. The Old Farm Apartments are so close to several restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping that having a car really isn’t necessary. However, if you do decide to bring your car, residents are provided with free parking! So why not?  And, don’t forget to invite your friends over for the football games because this community is located directly across the street from the Romney Stadium.

Pine View Apartments (3.6)

Pine View Apartments claims to be “the place you want to live,” and after checking it out it’s easy to see why! This complex offers two and three-bedroom units that are right across the street from the USU campus making your morning commute approximately two minutes, so it’s ok to hit that snooze button one more time! Each unit comes fully furnished with modern updated appliances so skip the dreaded move-in and get straight to socializing.

The building provides a laundry facility, but who are we kidding we all know you’re going to let your dirty clothes pile up. If you decide to bring your car or bike, there is a covered lot for cars and a bike storage area. Invite your friends over at any point of the year and take advantage of the year-round heated swimming pool. Resident Emily raved, “Pineview is amazing! It is a very social atmosphere, and so much fun! It has great apartments, people, and is close to campus. I would highly recommend living here,” and we couldn’t agree more, Emily.

Oakridge Student Community (3.5)

The Oakridge Student Community was built to give the USU students a, “Great student community with all of the essentials for a reasonable price,” says resident Callie and the folks over at Oakridge nailed it. At Oakridge, they know students are busy with school so they make it as simple for you as possible. Already in the rent price are all of your utilities and they even include cable and internet in the rent as well. It’s nice when you only have to worry about turning in one monthly check.

Tuition prices are already high enough, so it’s great that Oakridge provides students with fully furnished rooms so there’s no need to dish out more cash. At Oakridge, students can utilize the 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour FREE laundry facility, basketball court, sand volleyball court, and the game from equipped with TVs, pool, and ping-pong. With so many unbeatable amenities you just might “miss” the shuttle bus to class.

900 Factory (3.2)

Conveniently just steps away from the USU campus are the 900 Factory apartments, designed to be the modern era of student living, and oh, do they live up to that mark. Ryan wrote that this complex is, “Hands down the greatest place I have ever lived! The staff is amazing and care so much about their residents! I have never been treated so fantastic by a complex like I have here! LOVE IT!” What makes him love it so much? Probably the HUGE list of amenities. Students will have all access to the double decker hot, cinema room, game room, 24-hour gym, and a bowling alley! What more could you want?  With so many impressive amenities try to make it to at least half of your classes.

Students can choose from four and five-bedroom units where each apartment comes with two fridges and two dishwashers in every kitchen. Not sure why you need two of everything because let’s get real we all know college students are all broke eating ramen noodles. But hey! When mom and dad come around and buy groceries you’ll have a place to put them. When Saturday morning rolls around and you just can’t get out of your super comfy memory foam bed (Yup, your pad comes fully furnished) because you were out too late last night, order delivery from the Pit Stop Cafe. This delivery service is exclusively for 900 Factory tenants and they will bring it right to your apartment.

Logan Preferred Property Management (3.2)

The folks over at Logan Preferred Property Management have been in the game for a long time and are just the people to go to for your housing needs! With several properties around the Logan area, anyone can find something to fit their style while sticking to their budget. On top of their many houses, Logan Preferred Property Management offers four different apartment complexes that were created for students at USU wanting to live off-campus. Each of these complexes

Each of these complexes are located conveniently close to campus so you don’t even need a car! The student apartments they offer also come furnished with utilities that are added into your rent price. You’re already worrying about your grades so let the guys over at Logan Preferred Property Management set you up with a place to live.

Cambridge Court (3.1)

Last but certainly not least is Cambridge Court. Located just two blocks from the Utah State campus you can conveniently just walk to class. After you pulled that all-nighter studying for your dreaded Calculus exam (we feel your pain) walking might just be too hard for you, so hop on the USU Aggie Shuttle bus to campus. Cambridge Court

Cambridge Court is located just seconds away from the Logan Transit bus route so getting around the city is as easy as pie. They offer two-bedroom units with a few different floorplans to choose from. Round up your crew anytime of the year and head to the indoor pool house that includes a hot tub. All tenants get FREE access to the social center, FREE access to the exercise room, FREE high-speed internet, FREE use of the computers and printer, do you see the trend here? In addition, the management staff plans several activities throughout the year to bring the Cambridge Court community together. Some FREE (I had to) events include BBQs, ice cream socials, and pizza parties!

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