Best Apartments for Georgia Southern Students
Georgia Southern University Campus

Georgia Southern University Campus

You’re back in school for another year, but this time there are no parents nagging you to wake-up or tell you that you can’t leave the house until you finish your homework. It’s college and you call the shots, but with freedom comes responsibility. You’re now responsible for deciding what frat or sorority to rush, what filter to use for your Insta selfie, and how you’ll ever talk to that cute girl in your English class. Let’s not forget one of the biggest decision you’ll face all year, deciding where you’re going to live off-campus. Luckily for you, Rent College Pads has the answer.


To help you out, we did some digging to find the best off-campus housing options available to students in Statesboro. We searched tons of housing options around campus and weeded through hundreds of reviews, leaving you with the best of the best off-campus housing Statesboro has to offer.

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The Hamptons Statesboro (4.5)

Located just steps from campus, the Hamptons Statesboro brings a type of luxury living like no other to students living in Statesboro. This gated community, taking its name from the affluent Hamptons in New York, provides the only individual cottage style housing close to campus. Equipped with a 10,000 sq ft clubhouse that students can take advantage of, the 24-hour gym which includes a yoga and pilates bamboo studio. Grab your tube and lounge in the lazy river that surrounds the resort style pool. The Hamptons they provide their residents with grilling stations and cabanas. Perfect spot for a pool party!

Don’t want to leave Fluffy at home? Cool, you don’t have to! Pets are allowed and will have their own pet park to play and an agility course. This may sound like a beach resort but remember you’re here to get that degree so when you actually have to study you can hit up the cyber lounge that includes free WI-FI and printing while enjoying a Frappuccino at the Starbucks Cafe.

PMG Rentals (4.5)

PMG Rentals is one Statesboro’s largest property management companies providing A1 service to each of their tenants, making them a key player on our list. Offering a wide variety of townhomes, duplexes, houses, and apartments for rent, anyone can find something that fits their style. Whether you want to be walking distance from campus or a short commute away, PMG will set you up in a great spot! They are known around town so get in contact with them ASAP because all of their properties get leased up fairly quickly.


The Forum Statesboro (4.2)

Priding themselves in providing luxury student living, The Forum Statesboro meets the mark of being one of the best apartments in Statesboro. Offering an indoor basketball court, sand volleyball, and a resort-sized swimming pool with beach entry, it’s a no-brainer that students would flock here. Along with our another one of our picks, Hendley Properties, they were awarded the Statesboro Beautification Award. After checking out what this award actually was, it means that their building is pretty and they take very good care of both the interior and exterior.

If you can’t make it outside with all that studying you have to do, along with a 24hr gym you can soak up some “sun” in the free tanning beds. Each bedroom includes your own private bathroom, a washer/dryer, and internet and cable. With so much to offer you aren’t going to want to leave. Luckily, you can roll right out of bed and walk to campus right across the street.


Southern Downs (4.2)

Southern Downs offers their occupants 2-4 bedroom apartment and townhome style units. Grab a few friends and check this place out! Nearly everything Statesboro has to offer is within a short walk and if you’re too tired from pulling that all-nighter because you procrastinated on your term paper, hop on the shuttle bus. Put that GPS away, Southern Downs paved a walking path that will lead you to the best bars and restaurants around town.

The community clubhouse offers a pool table and Tvs and you can head outside to the large community pond and go fishing. You don’t need to worry about extra bills because utilities are lumped into the rent price. Never miss an episode of Game of Thrones because HBO is included! When you’re not on campus, grab a pina colada and relax at the pool beach front in one of the many hammocks set up between palm trees. Is this college or the Caribbean?


Cambridge @ Southern

Specifically designed with students in mind, the people over at Cambridge @ Southern know what the students want. Whether you want to live alone or have a 4-bedroom place with your friends, students have the option of living in an apartment or townhome. Best part? Each unit comes fully furnished so you can skip the hassle of moving and buying a ton of stuff and head straight to the party, I mean class.

Offering two different resort-style pools and two different 24-hour gyms, you have options, and who doesn’t like options? Stop constantly looking at your phone for that text back and take some time to relax in the hot tub. Located only 1 block from the Paulson Stadium, you can be the one to host all the pre-game football game shenanigans before you meet up with your friends to tailgate and cheer on the Eagles! After staying up all night, hop on the GSU shuttle bus and catch a few extra z’s on your way to class. Conveniently, the shuttle runs every 3-4 minutes.


The Garden District (4.0)

Debating whether or not you should have gone to that college in New Orleans? Well never fear, the Garden District is here! The whole concept of this place is to be modeled after the New Orleans’ French Quarter and not surprisingly, the Garden District. With lush courtyards, long spanning balconies, and 9 different floor plans, it’s no wonder the Garden District is considered to be the “most architecturally unique college environment in the south.”

Students will have access to a swimming pool, free WI-FI throughout the property, and a social room. The apartment is within minutes of campus, shopping, restaurants, and banks!


Hendley Properties (3.9)

Hendley Properties has been family owned and operated since 1968 giving them almost half a century of experience while becoming one of Statesboro’s top property management companies. Having so much experience they know what the students are looking for and they have numerous properties near campus ranging from apartment complexes, triplexes, and duplexes. Whatever your desire may be they can help you find exactly what you want.

They offer nothing but the finest living options for GSU students and their properties offer so many amenities from volleyball courts, swimming pools, private patios, backyards, and more. Along with The Forum Statesboro, Hendley Properties was also awarded the Statesboro Beautification Award so they must be doing something right!


The Village at Mill Creek (3.9)

If you committed to college, but you aren’t ready to commit to the whole living right by campus lifestyle, then The Village at Mill Creek may be for you! This apartment community is just minutes away from the Georgia Southern campus and downtown Statesboro, making it very convenient to commute anywhere but still being far enough away to have some peace and quiet.

With so many students and activities going on around campus, it is easy to get distracted. Village at Mill Creek offers students a more quiet environment while still providing them with the best amenities like a fitness center, large units with private balconies, and a pool area with cabanas. For any outdoor lovers, Mill Creek Park is within walking distance making studying a little less painful.


Caribe Court (3.8)

Located less than a mile from campus, Caribe Court has you covered for all your living needs. Each unit comes equipped with free internet and cable. You read right FREE, every college kids favorite word, and hey, it’ll save you some extra money each month so you can afford more than ramen noodles for dinner.

The folks over at Caribe Court know students are a budget so they waive the application fee. Stressing over what to bring and if you’ll be able to fit everything? Each bedroom has a walk-in closet so you’ll have plenty of room for everything. If you end up recommending someone to live here you can earn some cash from their referral program, score!

Seasons Apartments (3.8)

The people running the show over at Season’s Apartments know students have a lot of decisions to make like what classes to take and what bar they are going to on Friday night, so they take the guesswork out of your living situation and provide their tenants only the best.

At Seasons Apartments they only offer units that have two-bedroom and two bathrooms, making deciding who to live with either much easier or maybe much harder. Tenants will have access to their own private pond, pool, and a grill/picnic area that already has charcoal and propane provided. Seasons is located close to campus and is within walking distance to the football stadium so you don’t even have to call an Uber or wait for the shuttle bus to get to the game.

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