The 5 Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow If You Go To UVA
The Rotunda at the University of Virginia (Flickr)

The Rotunda at the University of Virginia (Flickr)

1. @wahoofood

Looking to break up a newsfeed of girls in pearls and guys in ties with some wahoo-approved food pics? Look no further—wahoofood is sure to satisfy your deepest cravings. This student-run account devotes itself to posting pictures of the best treats that UVA and Charlottesville have to offer. From glamorous shots of Bodo’s bagels to scrumptious snaps of gooey Christian’s pizza, @wahoofood knows how to make your mouth water. You’ll find pictures of tried-and-true favorites right alongside some brand new creations and locations you’ll be dying to try. And when you do, be sure to submit your best shots to the account—hoo knows, your food might be featured next!

2. @instalawn

The proud white pillars, the lush green grass, the looming rotunda in the distance: the Lawn is a trademark of good old UVA. Even as the seasons change, the Lawn remains unwavering in its beauty, and @instalawn is here to prove it. The account features stunning photographs of the Lawn from every angle, in every season, and from every perspective. Even though we can’t all have Lawn rooms, @instalawn makes living the Lawn life possible for every wahoo.

3. @uvasports

Even though we’d all love to be cheering on our beloved Cavaliers at every game, match, and meet, sometimes academic life keeps us in the library and out of the stands. @Uvasports knows the FOMO that comes with missing gameday, and the account serves to keep us all informed about outcomes of every UVA sporting event. From stunning photographs of our ever-talented athletes to mid-game action shots, @uvasports never fails to enlighten us on the Cavaliers’ latest performance. Feel free to sing the Good Old Song to yourself while scrolling through this shrine to all things athletic.

4. @houndsongrounds

What’s the only thing cuter than a picture of a grinning pup? A picture of that pup on UVA grounds, of course. Our school’s gorgeous campus is the perfect setting for the most photogenic canines in Charlottesville, and this account can verify. A new but blossoming account, @houndsongrounds is clearly run by the dog-spotting elite. From a playful golden retriever getting his paws dirty on the Lawn to a happy-go-lucky terrier strutting her stuff at the Activities Fair, this account shows the UVA grounds cuter than you’ve ever seen them.

5. @deanjuva

Speaking of hounds on grounds, every wahoo’s favorite companion can be found on this last account. Dean J is notorious for posting the sweetest snaps of her golden retriever, known fondly to UVA students as CavDog. If more puppy pictures weren’t enough of an incentive to check out Dean J’s account, shots of grinning UVA students next to their coolest accomplishments, gripping athletic and academic updates, and even the occasional selfie of Dean herself surely will. She’s the reason we all got into Dear Old UVA in the first place, and her Instagram account is a reminder that our years at this school are the best of our lives.

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